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Disclosure:  These polishes were supplied by Zoya for review.

More PixieDusts from Zoya, this three-polish set called Ultra, not Magical like the last two sets, which I reviewed here and here.

So why “Ultra” and not “Magical”?  These three new polishes do not contain holographic (holo) glitter like the Magical PixieDusts.  But they do contain hex and micro glitter, which makes them different from plain PixieDusts such as the ones reviewed here.

Got the difference?  Exxxxxxcellent.

zoya ultra pd banner

zoya ultra pd spills

The Ultra PDs are Oswin, Arianna, and Noir.

Ultra PD bottles

Zoya describes Oswin as true red, Arianna as wine red, and Noir as deep plum.

I applied two coats of each polish and took the photos under indirect outdoor light.  First all the pictures then my impressions.


Ultra PD Oswin


Ultra PD Arianna


Ultra PD Noir

I found that none of them, especially Arianna, dried to a true matte finish.  Part of that reason is that I think glitter and matte are sort of contradictory.  I think the colors are pretty but found Arianna to be more of a pinkish-red than what I’d call a wine red.

Then I tried each color with two different top coats.  I put a clear shiny one on my little finger and a matte one on my ring finger.  Same lighting, same order of colors:

Ultra PD Oswin w top coats

Ultra PD Arianna w top coats

Ultra PD Noir top coats

So here’s what I think.  All three colors are pretty and glamorous yet I’m surprised they’re all so similar, especially Oswin and Arianna.  I think a dark green or a dark blue would have spiced up the set, but hey, it’s not my company.  Despite following Zoya’s tips for applying PDs (see below), the polishes on their own never dried completely matte and had something of an “unfinished” look to them, like they’d be sticky, although they weren’t.

My favorite look by far was with the clear shiny top coat.  Ooh, aah.  ULTRA glamour!  I liked them with the matte top coat too.  Color-wise, I like Oswin and Noir best.  Arianna is very close to Oswin so I don’t know why it doesn’t appeal to me more.

This set actually reminded me of two of the three polishes in an old discontinued glitter set from Zoya called the Mini-Glam Trio.

Zoya Glitters trio

I reviewed them here and they were just meh except that I did like Nova, the darkest one.  However, these three new Ultra PixieDusts are much better polishes — better formula, better coverage, better sparkle.


Tips from Zoya:

Please view the following Zoya Video on how to correctly apply Ultra PixieDust by Zoya. Following the steps outlined in the video will provide optimal results for your new Zoya Ultra PixieDust color. Polish should have a matte finish with sparkle.

For best results: Prep nail with Zoya Remove Nail Polish Remover and Prep. Apply 1-3 (for full coverage) thin coats of Zoya PixieDust polish. Allow product to dry completely between each coat for full effect. Do not use a base coat or top coat.

If polish base does not dry down to a matte finish this may be due to not enough wait time between coats or because the color was not applied to a perfectly clean surface that is free of base coat (note: some basecoats may prevent the color from drying properly).

If the embed doesn’t work, here’s the link:

Each polish is $10 (US) at and as always, Zoya polishes are 5-free — free of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, and camphor.

Disclosure:  These polishes were supplied by Zoya for review.


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  1. Great review! I had the same experience as you and similar feelings. It was kind of weird, it seems like Oswin dries a lot more matte on it’s own than the other two, I wonder why?

  2. Thanks for the awesome review! How similar are these to Zoya’s Chyna from the first pixiedust collection?

    • You’re welcome, it was fun! Oswin is very similar in color to Chyna, but Oswin has lots of glitter. Chyna was one of the few PDs that never looked quite dry or matte for me (and many others), and it has more of a “sandy” texture with no glitter.

  3. i don’t like the hex glitters, i think they are more for teens. I am disappointed in the new pixie dusts. I was hoping for the original formula. And the colors are nothing new also.

  4. Catherine Neville

    Great swatches, thank you. Still can’t make up my mind. Chyna or Oswin. Maybe I’ll go with Oswin if the finish is better, I’m going for a ruby slippers kinda look, so I want mega take the eye out of your head sparkle!

  5. Thanks for the review. I just bought 4 of the original PDs (Zoya’s recent BOGO sale) and have tried two so far. Tomoko is a pretty gold which is fine with no top coat, but the purple Carter just didn’t look right to me until I put on a top coat and then it was pretty fab. So I’ll just decide after it’s applied if it looks good as is or cries out for a shiny top coat. I’m a red lover so was looking forward to Chyna, but from your mentions of it (plus other bloggers), I’m not expecting much pizzazz now, LOL. I probably should have waited for Oswin, eh? Oh well, next BOGO sale! 😀

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