Brand new! Too Faced La Belle Carousel swatches and review

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A makeup review from me two days in a row?  Get out!  But it’s true, and today I’ve got something so new it’s not even on the manufacturer’s web site or Facebook page yet.

It’s a holiday/Christmas set from Too Faced called La Belle Carousel, and when I read on some other blogs/news sites last week that Macy’s had this and other Too Faced gift sets, I pounced.  I had some mad money, and yes, it’s frivolous, but no more so than a pair of shoes I’d rarely wear.

La Belle Carousel (LBC) retails for $49 which might seem like a lot.  Too Faced is a higher-end cosmetics company but it’s all relative — higher than Maybelline, lower than Chanel.  LBC contains twelve eye shadows in three four-shadow palettes, two blushes, two bronzers, and a mascara.  It’s brightly packaged for gift-giving and you can break up the set for stocking stuffers or party favors if you so choose.

Let’s look at the packaging.  The outer container is thin cardboard and clear plastic and looks very festive.  (Click on this or any of my photos for a larger view.)

TFLBC outer pkg

The back shows pictures of all the shades included.

TFLBC outer pkg back

The inner packaging is bright, too.  Glittery, even!

TFLBC inner pkg

This inner package is about six inches high and you could, I suppose, hang it like an ornament but I wouldn’t recommend it without some tape or other reinforcement, as the top could easily pop off from the weight of the products.

LBC has six narrow cardboard pieces with a booklet in the center with suggested looks and application diagrams.

TFLBC palettes

TFLBC palettes back

TFLBC booklet a

TFLBC booklet b

The eye shadow and blush/bronzer palettes close magnetically but not super-securely, but as you can see you could slip one or two into a stocking, and they have “To/From” spaces on the back to write names.

The shadows are mostly shimmery/glittery with two mattes.  The first palette is silver/green/black, the second is brown/neutral, and the third is mostly pink/purple.  Two views without the flash:

TFLBC palettes open

TFLBC palettes open2

With the flash:

TFLBC palettes open flash

And now, quick swatches.  These are on my bare skin, no primer.

First row, left to right:  Frost, Tin Soldier, Christmas Tree, Santa’s Boots

Second row, left to right:  Tufted Suede, Angel Hair, Haute Chocolate (a re-promote shade from Too Faced’s very popular Chocolate Bar palette), Yule Log

Third row, left to right:  Nutcracker, Nude Beach, Boxes & Bows, Sugar Plum Fairy (Nude Beach doesn’t seem to belong as a holiday name, but maybe their holidays are a lot more exciting than mine)

Under indirect outdoor light and then under indoor light:

TFLBC eye swatches outd light

TFLBC eye swatches ind light

Now the bronzers and blushes, under same two lighting conditions.

First row, left to right:  Chocolate Soleil (which really does smell like chocolate), Who’s Your Poppy?

Second row, left to right:  Sun Bunny Dark, Luminous Peach

TFLBC blbr outd light

TFLBC blbr ind light

What do you think of the shades?  Here are my impressions.

Of the eye shadows, I think some of them could be more pigmented but am impressed with others.  Plus I suspect that if I used eye primer the colors might be more intense.  I was really disappointed in Christmas Tree which I expected to be a dark forest green.  The three lightest shades, the top one in each palette, didn’t show up well on my skin although Frost is very, um, frosty.  I love the purple Sugar Plum Fairy, the pink Boxes & Bows, and the browns.  Santa’s Boots is quite the sooty color and could be used as a liner.  On younger, non-crinkly skin, go hog wild with the colors!

I like the blushes and bronzers more than I expected and the sizes are generous.  The two blushes have a little shimmer but are not overpowering, and of the bronzers, one is matte and one is slightly shimmery.  I honestly don’t know much about using bronzer but plan to learn — goodness knows my dull skin could use a slight pick-me-up yet I don’t want to look overdone.

Also included in La Belle Carousel is a 0.17 oz/4.8 g travel or sample size of Too Faced’s “Better Than Sex” mascara.  [Insert joke about the mascara’s name and my post-menopausal state.]  I haven’t tried the mascara yet but have read a lot of positive things about it.

Is this a silly set for a 55-year-old woman to buy for herself?  Yes.  No.  Maybe.  Who cares?  I think I’ll have fun with it.  I know that if I was decades younger and interested in makeup this would be a fantastic holiday gift.  Do be aware of the mascara’s name if the gift is for a younger girl, if you care about things like that.


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  1. I’ve always liked the brand and if I didn’t already have about 100 shadows I hardly use I’d snag this in a second!

  2. Hello. I have a question, which I’m sorry to say has nothing to do with eye shadow, even though they look like a great buy. but unfortunately I have no idea how to apply eye shadow. My make up at this time consists of a tinted moisturizer, a little blush (either powder or gel), a little powder on my nose, and lipstick. Takes me probably less than 2 mins to apply, which I like. I am currently researching under eye concealers that are also moisturizing, Keeping in mind that I know with my very dark under eye circles, their may only be so much I can do. My glasses hide some of my dark circles too, so that helps. BUT, my question to you is about the Zoya Qtica lotions and scrubs. Since I have the most recent code, I wanted to take advantage this time and get 2 of their Smart Spa products. I know you wrote a review about the Lemon Sugar Scrub, and have had that one on my wishlist for a long time, but I’m looking at the lotions also. Wondering if I should get the matching Lemon one, or another fragrance. Have you purchased any of the lotions yourself? I’m sure they are all really good. I also am tempted to try the Disguise Lipgloss as well. Anyway, just thought I would ask. Hope all is going well with you. Suzy

    • Hi Suzy, thanks for writing — it doesn’t matter where! Eye shadow’s not for everyone; I’ve just always enjoyed playing with it.

      I haven’t tried any of the Smart Spa lotions, sorry. But I do love the scent of the Lemon Sugar Scrub, it smells like real lemons or lemonade, not that fakey “furniture polish lemon” scent that some other brands have. One of the shower gels I tried was Mandarin Honey and it smelled great too. Less of a “wake up” scent than the lemon, though.

      I have the Disguise lip gloss and love it. Purr, too. Don’t care for the shimmery lip glosses of Zoya’s. Disguise and Purr are shiny but not shimmery or frosty. Wish they had a petal pink like the shade called Luck that had no shimmer.

      Hope that helps. P.S. I keep planning to post a review of under eye concealers — keep poking me to do so, OK? 😉

      • Thanks so much Susan for such a prompt reply. I’ll be thinking about the fragrance I want in the lotion, and your ideas have helped me. I love a lemon scent, but they all sound so nice. I love lipstick alot, mostly own Revlon Super Lustrous. There are so many out there, but love that brand. Not the shine or pearl, but I like the creme finish the best right now. But, have been wanting a lip gloss, and I too prefer one without the shimmer, so I think I will go with Disguise, since it’s been on my wish list for awhile. And, yes, I will be happy to keep “poking” you, and reminding you about the undereye concealer. I think that’s a tough beauty product to tackle, Thanks again.

        • You’re very welcome. Ooh, Revlon lipsticks, such a classic. I recently picked up a fall color in the Super Lustrous line, Toast of New York. Love it.

          • I meant to share that Revlon has a line of lipsticks called Colorburst Lip Butters. They are very moisturizing, and I have only bought one called Sweet Tart, and it’s a light pink. The cases are different shades, depending on the darkness of the color shade. The color shades of the lipsticks can be deceiving though, and will apply much lighter than they appear in the tube. I might pick up another one, probably at Walgreens since any make up can be returned, even after trying it out, unlike Walmart. The trade off is Walgreens is a bit more expensive, unless there’s a sale. I’m going to check out that “Toast of the Town” Revlon one when I’m out next. Thanks for the tip.

          • Walgreens is having a BOGOHO sale on Revlon products starting today, and I LOVE their Lip Butters. Have three — Cotton Candy, Berry Smoothie, and Raspberry Pie. The Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick I mentioned is a classic, Toast of New York. Enjoy!

  3. Hey, Susan, I love that your review even beat TooFaced to the punch! I read about La Belle Carousel here first, then TF posted about it yesterday…good for you! 🙂 And to answer your question: No, it’s not silly for a 50-something woman to buy it. TF is a quality brand and the cute packaging is hard to resist. I think your nail polish slogan works well in this instance, too: Because beautiful makeup knows no age limits. I may be asking my husband for this set for Christmas myself. 😉

    • Thanks so much, Mary! I am enjoying the set already, used one of the blushes and one of the bronzers this morning. I think the eye shadows will look better over primer and plan to try that soon. 😀

  4. Hi. I was looking at the Zoya Smart Spa products. I was trying to find the shower gels, but can’t seem to find them. Actually, I found the page somehow one time and put the Mandarin Honey shower gel on my Wish List, but then noticed it wasn’t there. Strange. Anyway, I was wondering if you knew if they were still selling the shower gels, or if I’m just having trouble finding them. I’m also looking at the scrubs and lotions, but I found those easily on the website. Thanks

  5. NEVER MIND. Found it. They put it on the bottom of the Wish List. What can I say? Brain Freeze. HaHa

  6. Well, decided to walk down to my local Walgreens and picked up 2 of the Revlon lip butters. I decided on Red Velvet and Sugar Plum. They are a little on the dark side, but wanted to try something different. I haven’t tried them yet. I’ll test them out tomorrow. Have the receipt, so no problem returning them. Like I really needed more lipstick. Totally forgot to check out Toast of New York. Next time. Thanks for the tip. Suzy

    • We always need more lipstick. 😉 Here’s a link to one of my favorite blogs, Nouveau Cheap, and some of her Lip Butter swatches. Sugar Plum looks awesome, and Red Velvet too!

      • Just checked out her blog. Thanks for that, I’m excited to try them out today. I never mentioned this before,but I was a bit concerned that opening the lip butters and their tube design seemed a bit hard for me. I had to really tug to get them open. I knew it was my bad osteoarthritis and some nerve pain in both my hands. Opening simple things can be a challenge, especially when you live alone. I can’t just hand it to someone else to open. Anyway, I noticed the tube is loosening up as I use it, so it’s all good. It seems easier now to open. It’s just a different design than the other Revlon’s. Thank, again for the link.

  7. Love my Revlon lip butters, both of them. Sugar Plum, and Red Velvet are both beautiful. They are keepers. Very nice.


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