Winter 2014 Collection from Essie — preview

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Winter news?  Believe it.  Although it’s still officially summer and some places in the U.S. have a definite fall feel in the air, fashion news marches ahead.

Just read about Essie’s Winter Collection, a 6-polish set with the silly name “Jiggle Hi, Jiggle Low.”  Sigh.  It’s also worth noting in my grammar police mindset that it seems they should have either said High/Low or Hi/Lo.  But is it an exciting set?  Let’s peek.

Essie winter 2014 display

Essie winter 2014 colors

Meh.  Color me less than impressed, although I do like the silvery gold title shade.

The set is up for preorder at e-tailer Nails Ave., which is where I first heard the news.  They’re really on top of things.


Some of you have enjoyed the funny law enforcement reports I’ve posted since my move to Small Town, USA, here and here.  Yesterday’s newspaper had a surprising reference to the Classics:

An honest citizen found an envelope containing $597 in cash under a table at a local restaurant and turned it into the Whitefish Police Department on Monday.  Take note, ye cynics and followers of Diogenes!



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  1. Catherine Neville

    Oh Essie. You used to be my favorite (and only) nail polish. What happened? This once devoted Essie girl is just seeing the same polishes being turned out again and again. I’m looking up there at the first polish and down at my bottle of Beyond Cozy for the holiday collection a few years ago…..The white one, ok, but the rest look like summer colours, they dont say Holidays to me at all. I await reviews and swatches and of course comparisons, but I’m dazzeled and in awe and wonder of Zoya so Essie has gotta try a lot harder to win me back.

  2. What’s with the names of the polishes….they are odd…..and I thought OPI had odd names for their….these don’t really match the colors.

  3. I can’t even with that collection name.

  4. Well, it is a different collection. Pretty colors. Maybe they are going against the normal holiday trend. But I agree about some of the names. Really Essie? Really?

  5. Not very wintery at all. Essie has had a kinda blah year.

  6. I agree with your comments — what happened with Essie? Overall it’s been a year of polishes from them that haven’t tempted me to buy at all. On the bright side, they stopped including a lavender in practically every single set! But I think they’ve gotten too “safe.” Nothing wows me.

    • Nothing really has wowed me this year. Come to think of it, I have only bought one polish from all of the collections Essie launched this year. And I only paid full price for another this year (In the Cab-ana thankfully Walgreens relaunched it) The others few I picked up, I waited until they went clearance at my local drugstore.

    • Catherine Neville

      To be honest I hadn’t even noticed the names but, yeah, they are silly. Totally agree on the meh year. The only Essie polishes I bought this year were Romper Room, Roarrrrange, Urban Jungle and most disapointingly, Fierce no fear which is a dupe for Glamour Purse. I ordered some oldish ones from ebay, the metalics, but a big part of the problem on this side of the pond is that since L’oreal took over Essie, we just dont get the collections anymore. For example, the Mall near my house has 2 places that sells Essie, one is still on the Spring colllection and the other is on the Summer. We never got the Neons & here we are mid September and no sign of the Fall one either.

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  8. This is not the first time I have seen pastel releases this fall. After listening all summer how we were to be wearing Cobalt one our nails, what not pastels for the fall/winter. I have noticed that Essie’s mother company L’Oreal does have more fall looking nail trends on their website.

  9. Liz A-Mani-Maniac

    This isn’t a breast cancer awareness collection? Hard to believe it’s a holiday collection…

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