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Here in our neck of the woods, fall blew in from Canada last night with a bang.  Literally with a bang.  Woke up this morning to find lawn chairs, watering cans, and other various detritus of outdoor life strewn around our back yard.

But in the topsy-turvey fashion world it’s spring, or at least time for debuting spring collections.  The Spring 2015 Fashion Week is going on in New York, and I don’t generally follow the news from there except what Zoya posts.  We can start at Zoya’s launch page for the event.

Zoya nyfw banner

And I hope to heck the colors are more innovative than the last NYFW offerings six months ago.

Hmmm, perhaps not.  Rolando Santana showed us pastels.  “Custom blue, pastel green and lavender shades were created for the runway – to get the look at home, use Zoya Blu, Neely and Marley.”  Those are three very pale pastels, and maybe you already have them.

I can’t really tell what Timo Weiland showed, and don’t see a description.  Looks like white and pale yellow and pale pink, not sure.

Creatures of Comfort displayed some nail art using some nude colors, Tomoko and Farah and Flowie, along with a brighter one, Penny.  Interesting to use the copper-gold Penny as a spring/summer look instead of just a fall one.

Mark and Estel apparently opted for a black and white look, and there’s mention of a new Zoya polish called Willa.  It’s described as “…a classic, revamped “Black Vinyl” effect… super shiny, high density black…”  Because I need yet another solid black polish.  Not.

Zimmermann spotlighted the older gold foil polish Ziv.  I do love this polish but am not a fan of leaving half or more than half your nails bare.  It looks like you just ran out of time when doing your manicure.

In the “Why bother?” look (sorry, I’m feeling snarky today), Jill Stuart showed “translucent natural” nails with Loretta.  I’m not spending $9 a bottle on polish that makes it look like I’m barely wearing polish.  I can achieve the same thing with a good buffing.

There are still two designers to go, Noon by Noor and Zang Toi, and their presentations are later today.  I’m hoping for something new, exciting, maybe limited edition.  How about some pinks that really pop, like the ones shown in the banner picture above?


Update:  The Noon by Noor look is up.  Yawn.


Second update:  No official word yet on the Zang Toi polishes, but check this site and the post made at 5:06 p.m.  The writer said, “I always love the Zang Toi gift bags. Especially the gorgeous Zoya nail polish colors they include” and there’s a photo of three Zoya polishes in a white gift box.  I see a bright shimmery red, a purple so dark it almost looks black, and a silver foil that strongly reminds me of Trixie.  Hope to see confirmation tomorrow!


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  1. Thanks for your commentary! I feel the same way about Fashion Week. All the nails are usually SUCH a bore for me.

  2. Zang Toi did a “Classic Revamp” or whatever the heck it was – basically a “reverse French” (I don’t know what else to call it) with Belinda as a base and lavender creme tips. Boring. It’s the second time he’s used Belinda; it was created for his Fall/Winter 2013 show and called “Imperial Russia”.


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