A totally new use for nail polish

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We’ve used clear nail polish to fix the runs in our pantyhose.  We’ve maybe even glued some ceramic with it.  Some people make jewelry with it.  Some paint on paper with it and create art.

But now, drug detection.  I’m not kidding:  http://www.cnet.com/news/this-nail-polish-may-detect-date-rape-drugs/

This is not a joke and has been reported on CBS, ABC, USA Today, and many other news outlets.  Please note that while I am of course vehemently opposed to any kind of assault, I’m not promoting Undercover Colors yet until I read some independent research or tests on the polish’s accuracy.  Just thought I’d throw the idea out there as an interesting conversation piece.


Many of you enjoyed the local law enforcement tidbits from our small town newspaper that I posted a few weeks ago.  Here are some new goodies:

The Flathead County Sheriff’s Office received a call Monday from an elderly Bigfork woman who stated that she had just seen the ubiquitous “Life Alert” commercial on TV.  The woman was calling to make sure 911 worked, because if it did, she figured she wouldn’t need a private emergency service.  No word on what 911 dispatch thought about the call, but we can imagine.

A woman called officers to report a cow that had its head stuck in a fence on U.S. 93 North.  Officers observed a herd of cattle nearby, several of which were eating the grass on the other side of the fence.  None of the cows were stuck, but according to the officer, “apparently the grass IS greener on the other side of the fence.”

A happy citizen called to let law enforcement know that he had seen a deer on Baker Avenue early Tuesday morning and “it was magnificent.”

And in the “Oh, the Irony” department:  A road rage incident was reported near Peaceful Drive.

Hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend — goodbye to summer and hello, autumn!



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  1. Just today I have read in an german online newspaper about it. It is still a good idea, but far away from reality….If you want, I can search for the link. Regards from Europe, Andrea

  2. Yeah, it’s bad enough we women are constantly asked to take steps towards preventing our own assaults instead of teaching men to respect women, but sadly the polish was tested and even reacted in plain milk. It’s just as well, I’m sick of men profiting from the fear of women. :/

  3. I really enjoy those humorous law enforcement blurbs, keep them coming, please! 🙂

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  5. The irony story is a hoot lol. I so wish the weather would cool off. Being in southeast Texas we don’t cool off until later in October, if then. I can even remember a few Christmases where we wore shorts because it was so warm…we refer to them as green Christmases lol. I have never seen a white Christmas…hopefully with my son in Colorado I’ll get to eventually.

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