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How about another budget-friendly polish from Sinful Colors?  I’m always up for those!

Here’s a new polish called Vintage.  In the store (Walgreens, SRP $1.99) and under fluorescent light, I thought Vintage was a dark gray with a green tone.  But, no, it’s a dark shimmery silver-green.

Despite the heavy shimmer, visible brushstrokes weren’t a problem.  The formula is a bit sheer and I needed three coats.  Under indirect bright outdoor light, it gives me lobster hands (makes my skin look red):

Vintage outd light

Under indoor artificial light, not so much:

Vintage ind light

Where it really sparkles — literally — is in direct sunlight.  Outdoors was too bright for my camera so I took a picture of my nails resting on a windowsill inside, but still in direct sun:

Vintage sun

Looking through my Mountain o’ Stash, I have two polishes that are close but not identical, Rikki from Zoya and Rags to Riches from Rimmel.  Both of those are lighter and not as grayed or neutral.

Rikki outd

Rags to Riches outd

I love Vintage as a darker silvery green for fall while Rags to Riches is a fave for spring.


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  1. Girl! I literally just found this little gem a few weeks back at my Rite-Aid. I absolutely ADORE IT and can’t wait to wear it! Thanks for sharing:). XOXOXO

  2. I LOVE this color, all of them. LOL ❤ ❤

  3. I actually went to Walgreens today because I thought this lipstick I wanted was still on sale, but it wasn’t. Of course, I had to give a look at the Sinful Colors display. I forgot about this new color Vintage (I have Zoya Rikki anyway), but they had one I’ve wanted since you swatched it on one of your blogs, “Forget Now”. YEA Now, I have some Sinful Colors I haven’t even used yet, so time to organize those and try them out. I admit, I have a tendency to Zoya’s more, since I just love then so much.

  4. A great shade for autumn 🙂

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