Sale at TooFaced!

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Been looking for some great matte eye shadows?  Run, don’t walk, to the sale at TooFaced.

There’s a set called Bonjour Beautiful that not only contains my favorite matte eye shadow palette, but also a four-color lip set and an eyeliner.  And the price is great, $18, down from $39.  I know TooFaced’s products can be a bit spendy, that’s why sales like this are so nice.  The SRP for just the eye shadow palette was $36!

TF Matte

I use this one all the time.   All matte, no shimmer, no glitter.  Great pigmentation.

There are other palettes for sale too.  I’m tempted by some of the smaller travel ones.



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  1. Thanks for the heads-up! I’ve been wanting to try their famed La Creme lipstick but couldn’t bear to spend $22 a pop. But 3 of the shades are on sale for $8 each, so I got one. I almost bought the Bonjour palette you recommended — it looks so pretty — but I just ordered a bunch of eye shadow from elf so I couldn’t justify it. Maybe the next sale….

  2. Ack…several days later, I caved! Based on your high praise of the matte palette, I ordered it just now. Of course, that means I had to pay shipping twice, so I wasted another $5 but oh well… can’t wait to get it. It’s so hard to find matte shadows, isn’t it?


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