The Ignite Collection from Zoya — swatches and comparisons

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Disclosure:  The Ignite Collection and some of the comparison polishes were supplied by Zoya for review.

FedEx came through!  Yesterday I posted that the package from Zoya containing my Entice and Ignite Collections had gone astray and been delivered…. somewhere.  Not to my house.  But a phone call got the ball rolling and, by gosh, I think I had several concerned FedEx employees tracking that baby down.  The driver got one number wrong on the address and my package was a mere block away.

I walked down to that house, where I saw my package sitting alone and forlorn on the porch.  The bottles inside were whispering, “Take us home.”  So I did.

Here are some official photos of the set:

Zoya Entice Ignite 5

Zoya Entice Ignite 2

  • ZP754 ­ Autumn: Varnished Copper
  • ZP755 ­ India: Deep Red Gold
  • ZP756 ­ Teigen: Violet Plum with Copper
  • ZP757 ­ Sansa: Deepest Eggplant with Gold
  • ZP758 ­ Remy: Indigo with Copper & Gold
  • ZP759­ Yuna: Grey with Copper & Gold

My bottles in the same order:

Ignite set

The Ignite Collection really grabs me because they’re foils, and as I’ve said ad nauseam, that’s my favorite polish finish, since foils usually don’t show brushstrokes yet they are shimmery and even somewhat glittery.  The formula of all six Ignite colors was great, and unless otherwise noted I used two coats of polish, no top coat, and the photos are under indirect outdoor light.

Let’s start with the best named polish EVER, Autumn.  It’s the copper foil I’ve wanted for ages.  I’ve tried other colors that, while beautiful, have been more orange or gold or brown than what I had in mind.

Ignite Autumn

Comparing Autumn to Zoya’s Channing from last year’s fall Satins Collection, Channing is more orange-red.  Comparing Autumn to Revlon’s Fall Mood, Fall Mood is lighter and more gold and silver.

Ignite Autumn comp

Ignite Autumn comp2

Ignite Autumn comp3

Being the fall polish hog that I am, I love all three and feel they each give a distinctive look.

India is indeed a deep red gold, very dark yet the sparkle keeps it from looking blackened.

Ignite India

Comparing India to Zoya’s Blair, they are close in color but Blair is a shimmer and not a foil.  I like both but if I could only pick one it would be India.

Ignite India comp

Teigen has a lighter violet base than India and looks dark raspberry or light red-plum.  Couldn’t think of other polishes close to Teigen’s look to compare.

Ignite Teigen

Sansa is a dark plum or eggplant with gold sparkle.  It was almost but not quite a one-coater.

Ignite Sansa

In the bottles, Sansa looks similar to Zoya’s Daul….

Ignite Sansa comp

… but on the nail, not even close.  Daul is much, much lighter and more sheer.

Ignite Sansa comp2

Remy.  Oh my gosh.  It’s a dark teal that mesmerizes me.  The base is dark blue, and get this — it’s a one-coater!  One coat gives fantastic coverage.

Ignite Remy

Remy begs a comparison to Zoya’s Charla, but Remy is darker and covers much better.  I needed three coats of Charla.

Ignite Remy comp

Yuna is a dark gray and at first, looking at the bottle, I thought it had a greenish tint.  But I think that’s an illusion from the gold sparkle; it’s a true gray.

Ignite Yuna

Comparing Yuna to Zoya’s Claudine and Cassedy, Claudine is similar in color but is a shimmer, not a foil.  It has more of a dark gunmetal vibe to me.  Cassedy is lighter and more silvery than Yuna.

Ignite Yuna comp

Ignite Yuna comp2

Overall, I love this set so much.  Two of my favorite things, fall and foils.  My favorite ones?  That’s tough because I really love them all except Yuna, and that’s only because dark grays don’t look good on my skin tone.  Remy gets an extra gold star for being a one-coater.  If I had to pick three they would be Autumn, India, and Remy, but Teigen and Sansa are no slouches either.

If there are any other comparisons you’d like me to make, just ask!

Tomorrow, barring unnatural disasters, I’ll review and compare the new set of cremes, Entice.

$9 (US) Available on and at finer salons and spas.  Direct link to Entice and Ignite Collections.
*BIG5FREE: Formula contains no formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, or camphor.

Disclosure:  The Ignite Collection and some of the comparison polishes were supplied by Zoya for review.


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  1. I definitely regret not getting India and Autumn now. I know they’ll be the first two I pick up in a future promo. Thanks for sharing and for the comparisons! XOXOXO

  2. Oh my gosh, I’m glad they tracked the package down for you and that you got to it before whoever lived there did.

    How was Remy with staining? I wonder how close Autumn is to China Glaze Harvest Moon, though I suspect the latter is more brown.

    India and Teigen remind me of some sort of mulled, spiced drink.

    • I was insanely happy to get my package but wasn’t really worried. I live in a small town, in a laid-back neighborhood and think that whenever the people living there got home from work, they would have brought it to me. 🙂

      Remy didn’t stain but I only left it on for a few minutes since I was swatching so many colors. Blues and yellows seem to stain the worst for me if a polish is going to stain at all, so I’d recommend a good base coat.

      I’ll dig out Harvest Moon, thanks!

  3. Nice, glad you finally got it! 🙂 I love this collection and I definitely want to grab a few some time. & I love your comparisons, as always!

  4. Nice swatches, thank you! Curious to see how Zoya India compares to Zoya Anastasia

  5. I ordered Autumn already because it’s my daughter’s name. I may pick up the rest as well! Thanks for the swatches! 🙂

  6. I suspect most of these will be arriving in my mailbox quite soon…

  7. Love your swatches. Always look forward to them. And, am so happy you got your package safe and sound. Glad FedEx helped you track it down. But, I just had to laugh that you also took matters into your own hands, walked down that street, and retrieved that package for yourself. It should be a crime to come between a woman and her nail polish. Serious stuff. Wow, now I really want Autumn, and thanks so much for comparing it with Fall Mood, which I love as well. India is a must have. And, I feel I’m leaning toward Teigen for a 3rd one, but that one might change. I’m still going to wait a bit and see if there will be a Bogo Back to School sale, and if so, if any of the new collections will be included. Oh, stopped in Walgreens, and picked up Rich in Heart, Sugar Sugar, and one called Charmed which is just a pretty pale pink glitter I’ll use for a topper. I couldn’t see anything else. I’m still on the outlook for that pink Forget Now. I have 12 Sinful Colors now, and paid only 99 cents for most of them, if not all. Not bad. But, I have to admit. Zoya’s are my favorite.

  8. Love this collection!! 🙂 thanks for sharing!! ❤

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  10. I got Sansa and Remy online and decided to pass on Yuna because it reminded me of an OPI I already have. Then I saw it at Ulta and HAD to have it – it’s gorgeous! The base color is practically identical to Essie Cashmere Bathrobe, but Cashmere has a very muted shimmer while Yuna takes the shimmer up to 11.

  11. Thank you for swatching Channing next to Autumn! I’ve been looking for this. Autumn is calling me, but I already have Channing and Butter London Shag, so I wasn’t sure….On other fronts, do you think Remy looks like Butter London Inky Six, and does India look anything like Chyna with a top coat. I’m thinking Chyna is probably a brighter cherry red. Thank you, I love your blog!

    • Thanks for all your nice comments! I can swatch Autumn next to Shag if you’d like. I don’t have Inky Six to compare but do have some other Butter Londons blues. Remy has a teal tone, though, which I don’t see in most dark blues. I agree that Chyna is much lighter & brighter than India.

  12. Beautiful fall colors! Looking at them makes me long for apple picking, cool breezes, and leaves changing colors!
    I’d love to see the comparison of Remy and Charla up against Muse… that could be a gorgeous blue collection! Do you think Remy is different enough from Muse to have both?

  13. Fabulous review! I love autumn, too. How does Zoya’s Autumn rate against butter London’s Brown Sugar?

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