While we wait, let’s be Rich in Heart

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I was so excited to be receiving my Zoya Entice & Ignite Collections media samples today.   The FedEx site said my box was “out for delivery,” then when I checked again later it said it was delivered, but… it wasn’t.  At least not to my house.


I don’t know where my package is, but it sure isn’t here.  I’ve searched my front porch several times, and it doesn’t even have any hiding places anyway.  So I’ve called FedEx to put a trace on the box and we’ll see what happens.  Sure hope I don’t have to wait a week for replacements, but if I do, I do.  It’s a real first-world problem, isn’t it?

To keep my fingers polished and my blog occupied while we wait, how about that 99¢ Sinful Colors sale at Walgreens I mentioned yesterday?  You just know I had to drop in.  Didn’t see any new fall collections but one shade called Rich in Heart (#265) was definitely calling my name.

Rich in Heart is a shimmery, vampy, blackened color, great for fall or winter.  The base is sheer black and it’s packed with a shimmer that defies definition.  Dark red?  Plum?  Brown?  Yes to all three.

The formula was good, first coat was a little streaky but the second coat covered very well.  Shiny, too.  Two views under indirect outdoor light and then with the fill flash:

Rich in Heart

Rich in Heart2

Rich in Heart flash

You can see in the bottle, especially in the second photo, how it seems to be several different colors.

I LOVE Rich in Heart, especially heading into fall, and at 99 cents, it rivals polishes that cost ten times as much.  Happy hunting at the Walgreens sale!


EDIT:  Dupe alert.  The only polishes I have — and believe me, I own a ton of reds from pale to dark — that could be considered duplicates for Rich in Heart are two that are unavailable.  Dear John from the February 2013 SquareHue subscription box is long gone, and Caroline from Julep is currently out of stock.  Even if Caroline was in stock, it costs $11-$14 for a tiny bottle of it.  Rich in Heart, like all Sinful Colors, is a full 0.5 oz/15 ml.


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  1. Well look at you! I literally JUST BOUGHT THIS POLISH YESTERDAY! LOL!!! I’m looking forward to wearing this in the fall myself:). Thanks for sharing! XOXOXO

  2. That’s so funny, I just bought this polish yesterday, too! 🙂 I got Rich in Heart (a dupe for OPI’s Moscow at Midnight), Sugar Sugar, Midnight Blue and Fig (a dupe for OPI’s Plugged-in Plum). I’ve never tried SC before, but I am anxious to try these out as soon as my current manicure chips on me (Essie’s Mint Green Apple).

    BTW, don’t worry yet about your Zoya package. I’ve had that happen more than a few times lately with deliveries. The tracker will say it’s been delivered and I get all worked up only to find out it was a clerical error and the package arrives safe & sound the next day. Let’s hope that’s the case with yours too. Looking forward to seeing Remy and India the most from that collection.

  3. What a gorgeous color! I have both the dupes you mentioned, so now I know what to get when I need more. 😀

  4. These are such a beautiful colour

  5. I might take a look at Walgreens. I still haven’t ordered any of the new collections. Funds are tight, but I’ll see. I was wondering if they are having a Back to School Bogo sale, and if so, if they would include any of the new collections.

  6. Oh, and sorry your polish didn’t arrive, but I too have had FedEx say “Out for Delivery”, and it really wasn’t. So, I’m sure it will arrive soon. Looking forward to your swatches, so I’m glad I waited to order anyway.


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