Sinful Colors 99¢ sale at Walgreens

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The title says it all — the Sunday ad in the paper this morning shows that once again, Walgreens is having one of its great 99¢ sales for Sinful Colors nail polish.

I’ve gone on and on about SC polishes before.  They are, I think, the best quality ultra-budget brand.  Other people think so too.

Some of my favorite SC shades have been Fig, Mercury Rising, Forget Now, Nail Junkie, Hot Wired, and Ciao Bella.  You can use the search function here on The Silver Nail to see swatches if you’re so inclined.  Happy Sunday!


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  1. Thanks, Susan. Good of you to post this. I’m sure your busy with your guests. I have Fig, and wanted Forget Now, but was unable to find it at either Walmart or Walgreens. I’ll have to take a look at my local Walgreens for the others, and see what I can find. Happy Sunday to you too.

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