Another short summer break

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Yeah, I know — I’ve been AWOL a lot lately.  What can I say; it’s summer, which in Montana often means, “Go!  Run!  Hike!  Swim!  Do stuff outside before it snows again!”

Family is coming to visit today for a long weekend so I’ll be away from my computer.  My Entice and Ignite Collection samples should be arriving on Monday, though, and I hope to swatch them as soon as possible.

Zoya Entice Ignite display

How would you like me to do that?  I can’t swatch all twelve colors plus comparisons in one day, so let me know which colors and comps you reallyreallyreally want to see first and I’ll do my best.

And for those of you who enjoyed the local law enforcement reporting wit the other day, let me leave you with another gem:

A business owner was livid that the boating party he had rented to refused to bring the boat in.  When officers arrived, it was determined to be a false alarm and everyone went on their boating way, merrily down the stream.

Have a wonderful weekend — get out and about if you’re so inclined!


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  1. I want to order a few from the Ignite collection today. Just because I really want to, but hey, I don’t want to go crazy. HaHa Definitely, India(gotta have that red), Sansa( because it’s looks so pretty, and doesn’t seem like I have a color close to that), and either Yuna or Autumn. Autumn is so pretty, as they all are, but I try if at all possible not to get ones I have dupes or close to dupes, even if they are not Zoya’s.. So, I was thinking one you mentioned in one of your posts I picked up at Walmart that might be close to Autumn, and that one is Revlon’s “Fall Mood”, maybe. I’m not very good at comparisons in general. I have some beautiful blues, and love them all, so holding off on Remy. Now, Yuna is an interesting color, and I think I really like that one, and can’t see any I may have that might be close to that color. Was thinking possibly Cassedy, but probably not. I tend to favor the golds over the silver’s. Yellow is probably my least favorite color, in nail polish. So, I’m getting 2, possibly 3, along with the Anchor base coat. And, will wait for swatches of any other’s. What are your thoughts on Yuna, even though I know you haven’t received your colors yet? I can’t imagine not loving any of my Zoya’s, it hasn’t happened yet. I did see it will be a wait due to high demand, which is fine with me. Anyway, have a great visit with your guests, and in your new house too. How fun. Suzy

  2. I love the selection of colours and the fact there are a crème and a metallic little “family” in this collection! I’d love to see Teigen, Remy and Yuna… so amazing
    Enjoy the nice weather!!!

  3. Looking forward to India and Remy! There are probably some OPI burgundy shimmers that could be similar to India. Also I’d like to see a comparison between Autumn and those similar autumn-y golds and coppers that Zoya has put out over the years (ex. Channing).

  4. Can’t wait for Claire and Veronica! For comparisons, I would love to see Genevieve & Noot together and a comparison of Ryan & Timo.


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