Ah, small town life

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My summer has been so discombobulated.  Selling our house, buying another one, moving to a different town.  It’s all been good, albeit extremely stressful.  I know I haven’t been posting as much as usual — the heat is getting me down, for one thing, and I’m still so busy with getting things settled.

Living in a much smaller town has advantages and disadvantages.  No Ulta to shop at, no Sally Beauty Supply or even a CVS Pharmacy, for that matter.  At least I have a Walgreens and several of the big box stores.  Actually, the local KMart of all places has an excellent selection of OPI and Nicole by OPI polishes.  I was pleasantly surprised!

One of the fun things here is the local newspaper.  Not so much for news as for entertainment.  My favorite part has rapidly become the daily “Law Enforcement Roundup.”  You can tell that a frustrated humor writer is behind many of the blurbs.  You have to read through accounts of alcohol-fueled assaults and wandering cows but occasionally you get tidbits such as:
A Bigfork resident on Alpine Drive reported two children jumping off the roof of a neighbor’s house.  Instead of letting natural selection work itself out, the caller was worried for the children’s safety.

A man on 15th Avenue West called about his wife “going nuts” and hitting him.  He didn’t know her date of birth or age, which might say a lot about that relationship.

A Sage Lane resident in Kalispell reported a trailer on his property.  The trailer had been there for 10 years.

A man on Spokane Avenue was stalking his ex-girlfriend at the motel where she was staying.  She had previously been denied a restraining order against him and now he was leaving notes where she would find them.  One of the notes said, “call me sunshine,” which displays a significant punctuation issue on top of the stalking.

There was another report of a dead rabbit being found in a mailbox on North Riding Road.  This is getting tiresome and it isn’t even our mailbox.

A man at a location on U.S. 93 South pulled a muskrat out of his pool and called to find out what to do with it.  If we find out, we will pass the information along to anyone else who has the same problem.

and, in “Just another day in Montana” news:

A woman on Trumbull Canyon Road reported a grizzly bear in her garage.

Have a fun, grizzly-free weekend!


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  1. Oh my… my little city is sooo boring! Could I stay with you or, way better, read more local newspapers?
    The first news is my fave! 😄
    Have a nice Sunday
    No bears here, just small animals

  2. OMG, I love your local reporter. We get some crazy ones around here, like the lady who keeps huffing from paint cans and crashing her car. The cops have to drag her out of the car because she won’t stop huffing. LOL. It is a frequent appearance on our local blotter. And you are so lucky your town even has a Walgreens or a Kmart. We have one of the state universities in town with 10,000 students and don’t have a single pharmacy nor Kmart. Only a Walmart that never gets limited edition collections. The closest pharmacy is 35 miles away.

    • Oh dang girl, that stinks. I live in Houston and have tons of pharmacies but no Rite Aid and no Kmart…I’d love to have either of those, especially Rite Aid!!!!

  3. Wow…loved the police blotter blurbs!

  4. Those were hilarious, thanks for sharing. 🙂

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  8. So are they sure that the person who found the dead rabbit in his mailbox isn’t the stalker from the story prior to it? I mean it could be the stalking victim paying his butt back and giving him a warning LMBO.

    My son and DIL can relate to your moving woes. They just moved a few weeks ago and are going thru culture shock. They lived here in Houston where the population is 2.2 million and have moved to Pueblo, CO where the population is a bit over 100K. Now I know 100K is still a lot of people but its nothing when compared to 2.2 million LOL. I’d love to see what gridlock is like there lol. I can’t wait to go visit them in the winter so I can see snow and enjoy the climate…it’s sooooooo dang hot here!!!!

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  10. I too live in a small town, very small. In Oregon, which has an lower average IQ than Montana due to 97% of the populace being continually on marijuana (now legal). Funny many folks move back and forth between those 2 states, not sure why? I’d move in a heartbeat except I’m on the coast… note your other article about “blue”!

    I have to buy most everything online, which is how I got started on sub-boxes! Would love you to do a review or maybe just some impressions of the November Square Hue/Prague box. Maybe you did and I cannot find it on your website. I see one nice thing about Square Hue – you will branch out and try new shades, whether you want to or not, tee hee!

    • I didn’t get the November SquareHue box and have my subscription on hold for now. I’m getting to the point with SqH that I mostly don’t want to spend the $$ for unknown colors and finishes because I’ve gotten too many I didn’t like. The December box colors look pretty but I’m not willing to gamble on getting another red creme or off-white creme!


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