Summer’s not over yet — let’s go to the fair!

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Don’t know about where you live, but here in northwest Montana it’s fair time — Stirrup Some Fun!  Yee haw!  The first rodeo I ever saw was here in Kalispell, Montana, back in the summer of 1978.  What fun.  It was  a double date… I was young… carefree…  <falls into a nostalgic reverie>

Y’know, I still am sometimes surprised about the fair being in summer, although of course that makes sense for our climate.  But I grew up in the South, and the fair was always in October.  Summer was too hot to have a fair.  Or to do much of anything else.

At any rate, Misa wants to help us enjoy fair time with their cumbersomely named Riding All the Rides at the County Fair Collection.  Bright, bright, bright.  I believe they’re all cremes.  Click this photo for a bigger picture, or see Misa’s web site.

Misa County Fair

The individual color names are kind of fun, including my favorite ride when I was little, Tilt-a-Whirl.  I also like its color, a medium salmon or poppy pink.

Overall, though, I don’t see anything here really new or that’s a must-buy.  I’m looking forward to fall too much.


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