Great promo from Zoya

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The quick ‘n’ dirty:

Surprise Flash Promo!!!
Free Shipping + 8oz Remove+
Any order over $10 at
Code: FP123
Exp: 8/5/2014

I don’t have any other details other than this blurb that Zoya posted on their Facebook page.  Free shipping is always nice, but a free 8 oz. bottle of Remove+ too?  Wow.  That’s my favorite nail polish remover, and to be completely honest, it’s the only remover I use any more since I used up the cheap drugstore stuff I bought.

Please note that the sale ends tomorrow, August 5th.

When I posted swatches of the beautiful Anastasia the other day, I was saddened to see that it’s no longer available at Zoya’s site.  And that made me think that perhaps some other older colors of theirs may be discontinued soon.  Now, I don’t have any inside information but it’s always a possibility.  So if you’ve had some older colors in your wish list for a while and really want them, this may be a good time to pounce.

For example, look at one of their older Fall Collections, Wicked.  There were six colors and now only three are left.  I have Kym and Julieanne but have meant to get Edyta.  Carrie Ann?  Gone.  Sold out, too, are Cheryl  and Karina.

If you’re looking for some fall shimmers, five of the six Truth Collection polishes are still available.  If you want something decadently dark, check out the four colors left in the Pulse set.

So what’s in my wish list besides Edyta?  Delilah and Crystal.


Tomorrow, barring a big piece of furniture falling on me, I’ll have the latest SquareHue subscription box to show you!



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  1. So, not sure if I will bother with this sale,still on vacation. But, I seem to buy the nail polish remover at Walmart. I think it’s Cutex brand. I do have some Zoya remover, and use that too. I guess I haven’t been paying very much attention to the difference. I just pay attention to how fast I can get my polish off. So, why have you decided that the Zoya remover is the only one for you? Just curious. As far as the natural collections, the only one I own is Brigette, but Aubrey may be interesting. Honestly, I’m waiting for some more new fall colors. But, loving your swatches, and as always appreciate your opinions first. Thanks

    • Thanks! I like Remove+ best because it smells better but more importantly I think it’s less harsh on my nails and skin.

      It shouldn’t be long before we get news about new fall collections from Zoya, looking at when we’ve heard about them in years past. I’m excited for them too!

  2. Hello my name is R and I’m addicted to zoya promo .
    I’m on no buy. I just got my zoya from three promos (peter somm box,2+1 st patrick ,and 4 polishes from the summer collection + mini color lock set )
    However I’ll be getting Sansa . GoT and Zoya for me is a dream combo

  3. Thanks for the heads-up! I needed some more Ridge Filler anyway, and free shipping and a free Remove Big Flipper made my day!


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