The Naturel Deux (2) Collection from Zoya — full review

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Note:  These polishes were supplied for review by Zoya.

A few weeks ago the Naturel Deux Collection from Zoya was announced, a set of neutrals to carry us from summer into fall.

Zoya Naturel Deux spills2

Zoya Naturel Deux spills

Zoya Naturel Deux spills3

The colors are, with Zoya’s descriptions:

  •  Madeline: Muted Rose
  •  Aubrey: Medium Mauve
  •  Marnie: Deep Warm Plum
  •  Spencer: Camel
  •  Chanelle: Toasted Almond
  •  Emilia: Dark Chocolate

I was excited to receive these but am running a bit behind other bloggers and their swatches, because I was out of town and without internet access when the sign-ups began.  But they arrived yesterday and you better believe I got my mitts on them as soon as possible.

Zoya Nat2 set

All six are cremes and each one has an excellent formula.  Two coats covered well, and additionally each one is very glossy.  All photos are under filtered bright outdoor light.  [A note:   I must apologize for the condition of my nails and cuticles, and for the quality of the photos.  We’re still getting settled in our new house and it seems like I’m opening boxes or fixing something or pulling weeds every day.  Even though I use gloves my hands are in terrible shape.  Also, I’m adjusting to different lighting and the best spots to take pictures.  Thanks for your patience!)



I’d call it a light to medium mauve.  It’s a beautiful color yet I don’t feel it offers anything new or different.  It would be a great shade for work yet also might be called a “grandma color.”  I do like mauves, honest, but how many do I need?



This is a darker mauve that I think has just a bit of an edgy look.  Not wild and still work-safe, but fashionable.  I love Aubrey.

Marnie (the label on my bottle says Marney):


Marnie/Marney is a very dark brown-plum — maybe call it raisin?  It’s browner and a bit less purple or rosy than I expected.  Stylish too, yet I feel this shade looks a bit muddy on my skin tone.



Camel is a good description; it’s a grayed beige neutral or nude.  Doesn’t show up well on my medium skin tone but I think it’d be lovely on someone with either pale or dark skin.



This is a beautiful pale milk chocolate color, again slightly gray.  Hmm, can’t decide if I love it or not!



A dark chocolate brown that is also gray-toned.

I like a lot of the Naturel Deux set, but let’s compare them to some older Zoya shades.  Comparisons to the first Naturel set from last spring are inevitable.  Here are the mauves/plums:

Zoya Nat2 comp1

I no longer own Rue from the first Naturel set, but it was a very light dusty pink with a purplish tone.  Hopefully you can see that the N2 mauves — Madeline, Aubrey, and Marney — are warmer and redder in tone, which befits fall.

Spencer compared to Taylor and Chantal:

Zoya Nat2 comp2

Spencer isn’t similar to either of the other two, although I thought Taylor and Chantal were much like each other.

There are two polishes from last fall’s Cashmeres set that beg comparison, Flynn and Louise.  Looking at the light to medium browns:

Zoya Nat2 comp3

Spencer is similar to Flynn but is a little lighter, and Chanelle is quite a bit darker than Flynn.

The dark browns:

Zoya Nat2 comp4

Not really close.  Louise seems to me to be a richer, warmer color, and Emilia is much more gray.

Hope all these comparisons are not overwhelming.  I preferred Flynn for a camel tan neutral and Louise for a chocolate brown.

Overall I like the Naturel Deux Collection but am not wild about it.  Admittedly I’m not a huge fan of neutrals in general; my inner child usually wants something brighter.  Aubrey was my surprise favorite of the group — a mauve or plum-pink yet dark enough to be a little different and very stylish.  All these colors go well together so if you wanted to have two-tone nails or some other kind of nail art, or want a lot of neutrals for on-the-job looks, maybe you can rationalize several.

$9 (US) — Available at and at finer salons and spas.

*BIG5FREE: Formula contains no formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, or camphor.

Note:  These polishes were supplied for review by Zoya.


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  1. I have to say – MUCH to my disappointment – that I am really under-whelmed by this collection. Mauves look awful on me and I have plenty of neutrals/browns etc. Guess I’ll be passing these by!

  2. There are a couple from both these sets that I need. It seems like I can get so focused on finding unusual and bold polish that it’s easy to forget about something delicate and neutral. I’m still looking for a perfect nude — most are too yellow for me.

    Didn’t know if you knew, I just read this on Nouveau Cheap. Zoya is having a flash sale. Free shipping and free 8 oz. Remover with a $10 + purchase. Code FP123. Expires 8/5/14.

    • What did you think of Taylor from the first Naturel collection? It’s a nude but is slightly gray instead of yellow. Just a thought.

      Thanks for mentioning the flash sale. I shared that on Facebook but should probably make a separate post about it; it’s a really good deal !!

  3. nailpolishpursuit

    HI! This is a great review!! How did you receive these from Zoya for review? Did they contact you or is there a way to contact them for these reviews? Let me know please 🙂 Thanks!

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