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Some quick swatches today.  Although it’s still only July, summer is going fast and fall’s right behind it.  Yeah, like that’s news!

I’ve had Anastasia from Zoya for a long time but have never reviewed it.  Unfortunately the polish itself doesn’t seem to be available on Zoya’s American site any more, but sometimes popular colors will come back, plus there are sometimes other outlets to buy or swap discontinued polish.  If you’re searching for it, the item number is ZP383.

Anastasia was part of the Mystique Collection all the way back from 2006.  It’s a warm brownish plum or purple with gold shimmer, very autumnal.  The formula was good but a little more sheer than I’ve come to expect from the newer Zoyas.  Three coats, no top coat, under filtered bright sunlight:


Really love the color and finish and it’s a great fall color.  While it’s a bummer that it’s been discontinued, an alternative shade could be Kalista, which is more brown but still purplish.  And we don’t yet know what Zoya’s fall or winter shimmery sets will be.  At least I don’t!


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  1. I swear, every time I see swatches of fall nail polish shades, I can literally feel and smell a fall breeze! LOL! I cannot WAIT for my fave season to start!!! That color is gorgeous!

    • I’m glad you like it, just wish it hadn’t been dc’d. But I guess there’s a lesson here: I’m going to look at some old collections (such as Pulse, Wicked, etc.) and see which colors I really want, because they could be gone tomorrow.

  2. Oh that is a very pretty polish with the gold shimmers. It looks perfect for fall. No one does shimmer like Zoya that’s for certain. You’re right fall will be here quickly and I am not ready, not yet. I am wearing the heck out of my neons and bright summery colors before the season is over.

  3. I have this color, love it! 🙂

  4. I’ve had the experience of searching for colors I own to have the search say unavailable only to find it again in a few weeks. Crossing my fingers about Anastasia.

  5. thebubblybrunette

    Gorgeous! I need to pull out my darks!

  6. Bummer. I hate when my comments disappear, which happens occasionally. That’s computers for you. Anyway, try again. I have Cheryl, which I love, but the last time I used it, I remember it didn’t have as much shimmer as I was expecting, and I also noticed that when I type it in on the Zoya website, it doesn’t come up like Anastasia. Not sure also how all 3 of these colors compare, and are different from each other. Waiting for the fall colors myself, besides the new neutral colors. Hope you had a good break and vacation.

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