Good grief, Charlie Brown!!

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The way OPI has been churning out the fun collections this year — Coca-Cola, Ford Mustang, baseball, Muppets — I’m delighted yet not surprised to hear of a “Peanuts”-themed set for Halloween.

However, news is sparse to nonexistent.  I only just now saw them on Beyond Polish’s preorder page and can’t find any other info about them.  Let’s look!

Good Grief!

OPI 2014 Halloween Good Grief

Where’s My Blanket?

OPI 2014 Halloween wheres_my_blanket

Who Are You Calling Bossy?!

OPI 2014 Halloween who_are_you_calling_bossy

To Be Or Not To Beagle

OPI 2014 Halloween to_be_or_not_to_beagle

Now, I can only tell (or not tell) the same things you can from these photos.  Good Grief is bright yellow and that’s all I can say for sure.  Don’t know if Who Are You Calling Bossy is dark blue or black or what.  The two glitters are, um, glittery.

Wish there had been an orange polish with some type of “Great Pumpkin” reference, but you can’t have everything.  More news should be coming soon and hopefully you saw them here first.  Big thanks to Beyond Polish for being so on the ball!


Update 8/8/14:  Better bottle shots here at Swatch and Review, and swatches here at BeautyGeeks!



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  1. This is the first I have heard of this collection being released. Not quite sure that I will be getting any of them though. How many bright yellows does a girl really need? Like you I thought there should have been an orange for The Great Pumpkin and even a dark green for the vines. That last glitter looks interesting though. I see maybe red, blue, silver, and green bits?

  2. Agree, needs Great Pumpkin orange. And a purple. To me, Halloween orange and black is even better with the right purple and green 🙂

  3. Ya know, I don’t particularly love those colors, BUT… I do love OPI and the Peanuts gang, so I’m sure I’ll find an excuse to own at least one of those colors! 🙂

    • Mary, I was thinking the exact same thing! It kills me to meet younger people who don’t really know who the Peanuts are. 😦

      • I know, right? How can you NOT know and love the Peanuts gang? I just love all those TV specials. It isn’t Christmas ’til Charlie Brown picks up that sad little tree. 🙂


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