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Told you I had lots of news about upcoming collections!  I’m loving the look of Orly’s Smoky set for fall, and now here’s their winter/holiday collection — Sparkle — as seen at Nails Ave.

Orly Sparkle Collection

No official descriptions yet but this is how I see it.

Mirrorball — silver holo

Orly Sparkle Mirrorball

Tinsel — red hex glitter and green bar glitter

Orly Sparkle Tinsel

Bling — warm gold glitter/shimmer

Orly Sparkle Bling

Explosion of Fun — pink/magenta/purple glitter/shimmer

Orly Sparkle Explosion of Fun

Steal the Spotlight — teal or green glitter/shimmer

Orly Sparkle Steal the Spotlight

Glitterbomb — multicolored hex and/or round glitter

Orly Sparkle Glitterbomb

Let’s look at the spills.  I can’t tell if Steal the Spotlight is more teal or green.  Bling looks like a shade of gold that I may not actually own (the horror, must remedy that!).  Glitterbomb is perfectly named.  Mirrorball… well, I happen to think everyone needs a really cool silver holographic polish.  And Explosion of Fun is calling to me, and it’s saying “Must.  Have.”

Orly Sparkle spills

This is one of the most beautiful holiday sets I think I’ve seen in a long time.  Explosion of Fun reminds me of one of my favorite holiday polishes, also from Orly, called Miss Conduct.  Heck, Miss Conduct is one of my favorite polishes of all time.

What do you think?  Is the Sparkle Collection making you think winter and not mid-summer, maybe for a few minutes?


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  1. I like them all, except Tinsel, it looks muddy….but maybe it will be better after application..

  2. Not being a fan of bar glitter, I doubt I’ll pick up Tinsel, but the rest are wonderful!

  3. I doubt I’d get Tinsel either. I’ve gotten multicolored Christmas polishes before, and the red doesn’t show up on red polish and the green doesn’t show up over green, naturally. Looks good over white or black though.

  4. No to Tinsel and Bling. I don’t care for bar glitter and that gold looks like it might be too warm for me. Glitterbomb reminds me a little of Deborah Lippmann’s Birthday but the glitter looks round. Hmm, not sure about that one either. I like the look of the others — especially if that green leans teal. I’m hoping the “S-teal” part of the name is a hint. How do you get all the news of these collections so early??!! It’s a nice treat to think about cooler weather while I’m sucking down my lemonade.

  5. I think I love and will buy them all except for Bling and Tinsel. Gosh, these polish previews are making me super anxious for cooler weather!

  6. Whoa, holiday collections already? Well, as long as they are as fun and glitter packed as these I won’t get my knickers in a knot.

  7. Mirror ball and Bling are both super holo, I haven’t seen pics of the others but I’m hoping the green and pink/purple are holo as well.

  8. I love them all except for Tinsel…that one is flat out ugly. I just can’t force myself to like bar glitter lol. I found another pic of Bling and it looks like it could have some holo glitter in it…can’t tell for sure though. Can’t wait to see swatches of these!!!!!


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