All Aboard with China Glaze!

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I’ve been craving news of China Glaze’s fall collection, the big set, not the movie tie-in with “The Giver.”  Last year their Autumn Nights looked beautiful, and I bought three foils in the set and really liked them.

Now let’s hit the tracks and go to the train station with a twelve-polish collection called All Aboard.

China Glaze All Aboard display

Kind of hard to see the bottles and colors in that fuzzy picture.  Online retailer Nails Ave. has better pictures of the colors on their preorder page.  Here’s a slightly condensed version (click on the picture for a slightly bigger view):

China Glaze All Aboard spills

Names and unofficial descriptions:

  • Stop That Train — rust red shimmer
  • Loco-Motive — gunmetal and red glitter
  • One Track Mind — navy blue creme
  • Well Trained — dark turquoise creme
  • Mind the Gap — olive shimmer
  • What Are You A-Freight Of — dark brown creme
  • Lug Your Designer Baggage — brown creme with gold flecks
  • Conduct Yourself — oxblood creme
  • Nice Caboose — raspberry glitter  [hmmm, doesn’t look like a glitter to me…]
  • All Aboard — purple creme
  • Choo-Choo Choose You — purple/gray smoky shimmer
  • Don’t Get Derailed — gray creme

It’s too hard to tell from the currently available pictures if I’ll want any of these or not, but it’s interesting to see what the general colors are.  Oxblood (very dark red) is usually popular for fall.  Choo-Choo Choose You has an intriguing description.  And sometimes what China Glaze calls a shimmer, I call a foil, so let’s wait and see.

Release date unknown at this time.



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