The Ice Duo from Butter London

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Did you pounce on the Butter London sale last week?  I did, finally.  Got the mini-set of five pink polishes I’ve wanted since Christmas, plus picked up the Double Take Ice Duo for $12.

The Ice Duo contains full-sized bottles (0.4 oz/11 ml) of Bluecoat, a dark blue shimmer, and Leccy (slang for electricity), a clear topcoat with irregular shards of blue and copper.  Butter London calls Leccy “opal,” and that’s a good description.


Ice Duo

I previously reviewed the Fire Duo here.  I loved the dark red shimmer called Rebel Fox but wasn’t wowed by the top  coat Brass Monkey.

Bluecoat applied very well and I needed fewer coats than I did of Rebel Fox.  Two coats of Bluecoat were enough for good coverage.  It’s a pretty navy blue and the shimmer shows up more in direct sunlight.  Under indirect outdoor light and then in direct sunshine:


Bluecoat sun

Sorry for the poor condition of my nails and cuticles, been opening a lot of cardboard moving boxes lately and unpacking.  At any rate, I think Bluecoat is beautiful but do I have a dupe?  I think so.  Actually I think I have several <sob>.  Look at my review of Butter London’s own Big Smoke here, along with some other blue polishes, and see what you think.  Overkill in my polish stash.

But moving on to Leccy, I think this is a great top coat.  Like Brass Monkey, the flakes/shards are sparse, so you might want to dab them on or use several coats.  Here are two coats of Leccy over Bluecoat, again under indirect and then direct sunlight:

Bluecoat with Leccy

Bluecoat with Leccy sun

If you want either Bluecoat or Leccy, they’re only sold as a set, not separately.  While I’m glad I got them, I don’t think I would have bought the duo had I realized how close Bluecoat was to other blues I have.  Still, love that Leccy!


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  1. Aww man! I ordered that duo from the sale also (haven’t received it yet) and am disappointed that Bluecoat might be a dupe for something else I have. Oh well! How’s the finish on Leccy? Will it be completely smoothed out with top coat or will I be scratching myself with curled-up shards?

  2. I picked-up this duo at the last “Last Call” sale (or maybe the one before that. I really LOVE Bluecoat and I don’t “think” I have anything in the stash that’s a perfect match. Leccy sounded great, but was rather a let-down. I finally picked the shards out with a toothpick and applied them, then covered with two fairly-heavy coats of gelous…and it still was a tad bumpy. I tried a few other opalescent top coats over Bluecoat (on a nail wheel) and liked that much better.

  3. Leccy is a dupe for Lush and Luxe by China Glaze. I don’t wear royal blue polish as a rule, but damn, that blue is gorgeous!


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