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If it seems like I haven’t swatched any polish in ages, you’re right.  I haven’t.  Between selling a house, living in a hotel for ten days, buying a house, moving, unpacking… you get the idea… swatching has not been a realistic endeavor lately.

But today I’m itching to be swatching, and pulled out an older Zoya color from my stash named Gweneth.  It’s a bright berry red creme that looks dark pink in some lights, so if you want a pinkish-red or a reddish-pink, Gweneth could be the one.  Zoya describes it as a “Saturated medium crimson berry with strong pink undertones.”

The formula was great and I used two coats with no top coat since it’s quite glossy without one.  Under indirect outdoor light and then in direct sunlight:


Gweneth sun

I think this would look great on any skin tone, very light to very dark.

In case this inspires you to buy Gweneth, or even if it doesn’t, Zoya is having a new promo in which you can get any three full-sized polishes for just $12 shipping & handling.

Zoya Threedom sale

Please read ALL the details and fine print at Zoya’s blog here.  What works out to be $4 a bottle is a fantastic price for Zoyas, which are normally $9-$10 each.



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  1. I am REAL tempted to take advantage of this promo. Love it. I always have plenty of polishes in my wish list. But, I might be making a visit to my oldest daughter, and if I do, I may have my local post office hold my mail, which I’ve never done. Not sure about them holding onto my nail polish, which I’m kind of protective of. HaHa Since it’s hard to determine delivery times depending on demand and all that. But, there are those fall colors that have to come sooner or later. Anyway, I just have to share with you a nice little surprise I got. On National Pink Day (pink just happens to be my favorite color), Zoya posted a couple of pink colors on their Facebook, and asked people to guess the color. I guessed “Ginni” for one of them as did alot of people, but since I was one of the first, or just was among a few randomly selected, I won “Ginni”, and got it today, with free shipping too. Isn’t that cool? It’s so pretty. I actually can’t remember winning anything, but maybe I just don’t remember. LOL Just wanted to share that with my favorite fabulous and fun, nail/make-up blogger.

    • Congratulations!!! Things are a wee bit sweeter when you win them. Every time you look at Ginni now, besides having a wonderful pink polish, you’ll get a little thrill thinking, “Hey, I won this!” 😀

  2. Thanks for the heads-up on the THREEDOM promotion. You just KNOW I jumped on that like a duck on a June bug! I needed a biggie bottle of Remove Plus too, so it all worked-out just fine!

  3. Oh how I wish Zoya shipped to Canada. We can get Zoya polish here but can never get in on these promotions. Love Gweneth!


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