I’m back, and with fall news, too!

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Thank you so much to all my readers who bore with me during my recent move and my extreme dearth of posts.  Thank you too to everyone who submitted a guest post!  The move is done but I’m still exhausted.  Our belongings are piled around the house in boxes and totes and more boxes.

‘Nuff about that.  I would MUCH rather think of polish and makeup, such a pleasant distraction.  Ready for more news?  I just saw Essie’s Fall 2014 Collection listed for preorder at e-tailers Nails Ave. and Transdesign.  The set of six looks very…. um… fall-like.  Four of the colors don’t strike me as much different from their Fall 2013 offering.  But at any rate, meet Dress to Kilt.

Essie fall 2014 banner

Essie fall 2014 squares

So, OK, I’ll bite — what’s the theme supposed to be?  Buttons?  Scottish kilts?  Murder mysteries?  Several of the names are murder-esque:  Partner in Crime, The Perfect Cover-Up.

Here are bigger pictures:

Essie fall 2014 dress-two-kilt

Essie fall 2014 partner-in-crime

Essie fall 2014 style-cartel

Essie fall 2014 the-perfect-cover-up

Essie fall 2014 fall-in-line

Essie fall 2014 take-it-outside

The mini-cube — a nice way to try minis of some of the new colors — will contain Dress to Kilt, Style Cartel, Partner in Crime, and Take It Outside.  Expected release is late August or early September.


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  1. Glad you’re back! You’ve been missed But it was great to meet some of the readers of this blog. Hope the moving is now settled, or at least not crazy.
    Nice to see a fall collection whose colors look autumnal and not summery. However, some of these choices appear to be very close to Essie’s Haute in the Heat/summer collection. I didn’t think about her Fall 2013 set until you mentioned it. Style Cartel looks like it would actually read as a blue not the blackened After School Boy Blazer. I would love to see a comparison swatch between Stay in Line & Sew Psyched. Still, it’s an Essie collection & she continues to release beautiful polish. — Rose

  2. I’m late commenting, but glad your back. But, I know you still have alot of work to do. I noticed they are having a Zoya 4th of July sale of trios all in Patriotic colors, through the 29th for $15 plus free shipping. Not sure the color combinations are ones I want. I am looking at the Festive Fireworks Trio with Sarah, Trixie, and Song. But, I have Sarah already, and have Pure Ice Silver Star, and not sure how similar that is to Trixie. But, I don’t mind passing up a promo if it doesn’t feel right for me. Zoya always has more promos on the way. Hey, I just remembered about those upcoming Fall colors that hopefully Zoya will give us a good sneak peek soon. Anyway, don’t feel pressured to post too often. Especially with those boxes staring at you.

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  4. Hi Susan! So nice to have you “back” and hope you’re recovering from your move as well as possible…I know you probably still have a TON to do! To be honest, although Essie does come up with some wonderful colors I despise the formula and their fall collections all look pretty-much the same to me: kinda dark and gloomy. I’ve always seen fall as a very vibrant season!

  5. I know how exhausting moving is! I’m so behind in posting all my Essie polishes from 2013! I agree, the 2014 line does look similar to Fall 2013. Do you ever wonder if they’ll run out of polish shades to come up with?


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