New from Color Club — Paris in Love

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Quick post today!  And through the magic of the internets, I’m not really here (something Mr. Silver Nail has known for ages).  No, this post was written days ago and magically scheduled for publication today.

I haven’t posted about the company Color Club in a long time, although I’ve liked most of their polishes I’ve tried.  Looking at their web site, I see they’ve redesigned their bottles.  At any rate, they have a new six-polish collection called Paris in Love.


Food analogies always appeal to me, so let’s see what we have here.

Paris in Love bottles

Chocolate, butterscotch, mint, and some other macaron tints, n’est-ce pas?


The polish colors really aren’t anything groundbreaking and they’re all cremes, but I think Paris in Love is a pretty set.  Blogger Nail Polish Wars swatched them all and has beautiful photos and nails.


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  1. They are pretty colors, but I do tend to gravitate towards darker colors. 🙂

  2. These are all very pretty and I usually LOVE the Color Club formula. I do have any number or polishes that are VERY similar to these but am looking them over to see what I might really want.

  3. Fondue for Two is a very unique shade, but seems a little out of place in this collection imo. I have dupes for Macaroon Swoon. I always go for pastel yellows.


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