So, what makeup palette DO you grab when you have to stay in a hotel for ten days?

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That was my dilemma a week and a half ago. Our complicated moving process is winding down, but this weekend is the last (I hope) hurrah and by Monday I hope we’re settled in our new place and have secure internet access. I know, though, that we’ll be living out of boxes for a while. And despite my obsessive list-making, I’ll be wondering where I packed certain things.

When stuffing suitcases for our hotel stay, I had to pare down my makeup. I don’t wear that much but like having lots around to play with and change up but couldn’t bring it all. My various palettes are mostly pretty heavy.

I decided on the very lightweight “Not So Nude” palette from Stila and have loved it.
Stila palette

Photo is from Ulta’s web site, and you can still order it at Ulta for $20.00.

The case is cardboard-like and is sturdy yet light.  It’s also extremely thin, so the actual makeup pans aren’t deep, but hey, for a travel palette you don’t need a lot.  There are no applicators included so you need to add your own.

Opening up Not So Nude, there’s a mirror on the left side along with some very basic application tips, and on the left are six eye shadows, an all-over powder shimmer called Kitten, and a creamy color called Lily that can be used on cheeks or lips.  The eye shadows are great shades of buff and brown:  Sugar, Fawn, Barefoot, Buff, Mink, and Dolce.  Buff and Mink are matte, and the others are shimmers.  Barefoot is dark enough to use as eyeliner.

I think the actual eye shadows look more neutral than Ulta’s photo above.  I don’t have access to my camera to do swatches but think there are many good ones already online to view.  The shadows can be used wet or dry but I’ve only tried them dry.  The color might be more intense applied wet.

So if you’re looking for a very light, compact, multi-use palette, Not So Nude might fit the bill.


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  1. This looks like a great palette with a little of everything from lips to eyes all in one kit. With summer travel coming up, this is a much needed tip.

  2. I got some Stila on Hautelook early in the month which finally arrived late this past week. Multiple products had this Kitten name, I think I got some kind of kit…

    Hope things get back to normal for you soon!

  3. I always enjoy the Stila palettes. Granted, some of the shades I can use and some I can’t in each one, but they are GREAT for travel!


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