Swatches of the OPI Coca-Cola Collection from The PolishAholic

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Remember the OPI Coca-Cola Collection I’ve mentioned?


Well, one of my favorite bloggers, The PolishAholic, has a review and swatches of them all HERE.  Run and look.

I think the magenta Get Cherried Away is great, and the silver foil of My Signature Is DC is blindingly bright.  The glitters don’t grab me like I thought they might, though.  Drink up!


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  1. I think I”ll pass on this collection as i am waiting for the Mustang collection. I am a Mustang lover and since the car is a bit pricey I will settle happily for the polish.

  2. I had planned to only pick up My Signature is DC (because – as with silver holos – one simply cannot have too many silver foils/chromes/metallics), but You’re So Vain-illa is kinda calling to me. I don’t have a lot of those not-quite-white polishes, and they are SO great for nail art! I am not usually a fan of the large scattered glitters (removing ANY glitter makes me think about 10 times about putting it on) but Orange you Fantastic caught my eye as well.

  3. Thanks for this. When I first saw the press release I didn’t think I’d be impressed enough to pick any of these up. After seeing her swatches, though, I ended up picking up four! LOL! Thanks again and have a fantastic weekend! XOXOXO

  4. Also, if you’re able, can you please do a comparison between My Signature is DC and OPI’s DS Radiance and/or Zoya’s Trixie? Gracias.

  5. Do you mean DS Coronation? I ask because Radiance is not a silver. I could do a comparison between My Signature is DC and Coronation, although since Coronation is a holo and MSis DC is a foil they are not going to look much alike.

  6. I was hoping that they would do a pink for Tab, but apparently I’m the only one still drinking it. However, I did find that Essie Fiesta matches one of the pinks on the can. (Yes, I did bring my can into Walgreens to check for the right pink. Don’t judge.) — Rose

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