Is it too early for holiday news?

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Yes.  Yes, it is.


Nevertheless, so I won’t get left in other bloggers’ dust, I have news of an upcoming Holiday 2014 polish set from OPI and Gwen Stefani.  You may remember that they collaborated this past year.  I never bought any of the polishes but was quite tempted by the satin silvery gold called Love.Angel.Music.Baby. aka “L.A.M.B.”

Info about a new and larger set is being circulated and many sites have the photos and descriptions, plus they’re up for preorder on at least one e-tailer called Nails .  So although summer is just starting, let’s look!


  • F01 – Just BeClaus – This magnificent maroon came into my life just in the “nick” of time.
  • F02 – Kiss Me – Or Elf! – There’s no denying the allure of this amorous red violet.
  • F03 – I Carol About You – I just fa-la-la-la-love this deep royal purple!
  • F04 – Christmas Gone Plaid – I sure am plaid I found this tree-mendous forest green.
  • F05 – In a Holidaze – I’m dizzy-in-love with this maroon beauty.
  • F06 – Love is Hot & Coal! – Turn the heat up with this deep grayish-brown.
  • F07 – Fashion a Bow – So busy ‒ all tied-up today loving this bright reddish-orange!
  • F08 – Cinnamon Sweet – Sugar and spice…this deep, warm red is everything nice.
  • F09 – What’s Your Point-settia? – So what if I think this is the one truly perfect holiday red?
  • F10 – Red Fingers & Mistletoes – This smooch-worthy red shimmer is holiday-perfect.
  • F11 – First Class Desires – This mélange of gold and eggplant shimmer is #1 on my wish list.
  • F12 – Sleigh Parking Only – Tell the valet to take good care of this exclusive dark burgundy.


  • F13 — Rollin’ in Cashmere
  • F14 — Unfrost my Heart
  • F15 — I’ll Tinsel You In
  • F16 — Snow Globetrotter
  • F17 — Comet in the Sky
  • F18 — So Elegant

(official descriptions unavailable at this time, but you can see for yourself)

My overall impression is that there are too many reds, but that’s typical for holiday sets.  I personally would prefer to see fewer shades of red and more innovation but at least there’s a forest green, Christmas Gone Plaid.  I do think the four glitter toppers, F15 – F18, look really interesting.  Maybe not totally different from what’s out there, but a fun addition to a holiday set.

Actually, after studying the lacquers a bit more, the red-violet of Kiss Me – Or Elf! looks beautiful and the description of First Class Desires, a mix of “gold and eggplant shimmer” has me intrigued.  Guess that’s what marketing is for!

Release date not yet announced.


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  1. Ugh! It is waaaay too early for this. I am still getting used to the idea of summer, which isn’t even here. My mind is on bright happy pink and orange neons and summery ocean blues and cool mojito greens. There will be time enough for the holdays when the weather starts to cool off and the leaves start turning and falling. Today is just too soon. I agree with you. Too much red.

  2. Do you have an ulta near you? Or Regis salon? If you are still interested in the first Gwen collection, it is a good time to buy, clearance priced. I have to agree with your sentiments here, but then I never was thrilled with any recent holiday OPI collection. The glitter toppers seem worth checking out.

    • Yes, we have an Ulta, but I’m on a no-buy since we’re in the middle of packing and moving and I have WAY too much stuff now! Perhaps after the move I can go clearance shopping. 😉


    Dear Silver Nail,

    This may be a bit off-topic, but I would like to hear your thoughts on selecting nail polish colors/nail art for us older gals– especially considering that the skin of our hands clearly shows our age. For me, darker colors only seem to highlight imperfections of the hands, while neutrals/nudes just disappear. Do you do any nail art? I’d like to go brighter but today’s glimmer just seems too much. Your thoughts, please.

    • Hi, it’s not at all off-topic! What you asked is basically what I’ve been talking about in my blog for two and a half years — nail colors, finishes, and so forth for us older women.

      My rule is that there are no rules; wear what you like. If dark colors seem to highlight imperfections and you don’t like those colors, don’t wear them. Personally I like dark colors but only when my nails are short. If my nails are long and I wear dark polish, my hands look witchy or “Dragon Lady.”

      I think anything “wrinkly-looking” highlights wrinkles. Here’s a texture I did NOT like: Yeah, like I want alligator skin on my alligator skin. Don’t think so.

      As far as glitter or shimmer, I’m not a huge fan of chunky glitter, the big pieces. Some of my favorite finishes are foil, satin, and slight shimmer — they’re interesting without being overwhelming. And I feel like we can’t go wrong with a classic creme. If you want brighter but not garish, there are a range of pinks, and shades like lavender, orchid, and teal are fashionable.

      Thanks for reading, hope you’ll become a regular! 😀

  4. Although those are for the most part very “Gwennie” colors, all I can think is “meh”. Maybe once I see swatches I’ll change my mind but right now it’s just too much red and a very pedestrian green.

  5. Although the Holiday Nail Effects are worth a closer look, the Holiday Lacquer just looks like recycled colors, nothing unique. I can’t even with holiday polish, and those descriptions I could do without!

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