Two new palettes from Too Faced

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When my schedule settles down, after the move and all its associated joys (?), I have got to swatch more makeup.

One of my favorite makeup palettes is the very first high-end one I bought.  Last year I had a gift card to Ulta burning a hole in my pocket.  It was a birthday present from Mr. Silver Nail and I wanted to get myself something special with it, not just more facial cleanser or near-dupes of the drugstore makeup I already owned.

I drifted over to the section of the store that had Urban Decay, Bare Minerals, Too Faced, and other brands I’d never tried, and was fascinated by Too Faced’s selection of eyeshadow palettes.  After looking at several with names like Natural, Romantic, and Smokey, picking up and putting down various testers, I decided on their all-matte one called — no surprise — the Matte Eyeshadow Collection.  Stock photo:

TF Matte

The SRP is $36.00, which might seem a little high (it did to me), but you get nine shadows and they are as smooth as butter.  You can of course apply them any way you choose, but I usually think of them as three trios — a brown, a gray/neutral, and a pink/violet.  As with many Too Faced products, this palette comes with some useful little “cheat sheet” cards, or illustrated tips on how to apply the colors.

I think matte shadows are very flattering to us older women, and don’t highlight wrinkles as much as shimmers do.  Yet I still like a pop of shimmer once in a while.

But if you’re in the mood for something brand spankin’ new, Too Faced is coming out with two new nine-shadow palettes exclusively at Ulta:  Country (white case, softer shades) and Rock ‘n’ Roll (black case, brighter colors).

Too Faced Country and Rock n Roll palettes sneak peek

So, are you a Country girl….



…. or a Rock ‘n’ Roll chick?



The dark green of Punk is really appealing to me, because I like wearing a touch of forest green around my brown eyes in the fall, yet have a hard time finding the right shade or consistency.

Want to see the world’s best reviews ever?  Head over to Temptalia, where both are reviewed in depth with text descriptions, grades such as B+ or A-, tons of photos and closeups, and great swatches.  Country reviewRock ‘n’ Roll review.

After reading these (although I want to re-read them more carefully), I’m not as impressed with Country as I thought I’d be, but really love Rock ‘n’ Roll.  Might wait ’til fall and my birthday again to pick it up.

Edit:  Ulta exclusive, available online sometime in mid-June at, and in stores around the first of July.


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  1. Have you seen the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette? HSN sometimes offers a $20 off coupon for first time customers to use on purchases of $40 or more so you can get the palette for $29. It is getting rave reviews and I think you might just be right up your alley.

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