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Nothing polish- or makeup-related, though.  Just a lovely, touching little film that you may have never seen.

As I’ve mentioned too many times to count, I love movies, films, whatever you want to call them.  And I think the short film is an often an unappreciated subcategory.

If you’ve got twelve minutes today, here’s an animated short that won the Oscar in 2009, La Maison en Petits Cubes.  Despite its French name, it was made by a group of Japanese artists, and there is no spoken dialogue nor subtitles you have to read.  The soundtrack is simple yet hauntingly lovely.

Or a clickable link:  http://youtu.be/aY6-hXdjwpw

Some people wigged out, thinking this was a social commentary on global warming, but nothing could be further from the truth.  The water is symbolic — I think it symbolizes time.  The main character’s house, built of so many petits cubes, is his life.  Haven’t you ever felt like your life is a series of rooms or chapters or train cars or whatever, one after the other — connected yet separate?

And haven’t you ever been, say, looking at an old photo album and almost feel like you’re there, in the past?  Then you look up and are surprised to see you’re in the here and now.

The film is slow to start but really gets going at about the five-minute mark.  Still, you need the background the first few minutes provide.  And I cry every time I watch it.


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  1. Gorgeous. Although I think my appreciation value would be a touch higher if my eldest boy cat didn’t walk across the keyboard in the middle of it.

  2. This was actually quite lovely. I watched it this morning with my morning coffee, but since I had to rush off and get ready for the day, I had decided I wanted to see it once again later in the day when I wasn’t so rushed. It does seem like life is made up like a series of chapters, like you said. I think I can definitely relate to that, being the age that I am, and looking back more now at so many “chapters” of my life. And, the familiar feeling of loss and yearning for days long past. I loved the sweetness of the old man, straightening his pictures, and the image of all those memories taking him back. Even as he was reaching out with his wine glass feeling the moment, the times he shared that moment with one no longer there. It was simple, but beautiful. Showing the joy mixed with the sorrow and sadness. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I finally got a chance to watch this today and it was absolutely lovely – sad, but lovely. I think water has always been symbolic of our feelings/emotions, because our emotions, like water, are always changing; from violent to peaceful, volatile to calm, deep to shallow, etc. etc. We can even drown in them or choose to rise above them. This movie, to me, depicts a person who could never let go of his previous life and happiness, and in so doing, never allowed himself to find a new life and new reasons to be happy. In other words, he is surviving, but not really living. I pray that if such a tragedy would happen to me that I’d choose to LIVE, and that those that I might leave behind would choose to live, too. Thank you for sharing this! XOXOXO


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