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Today let’s meet another reader of The Silver Nail — Pam!


At 57 (and counting), I’ve been a nail polish addict since my teens and wore the first black, green and blue polishes that came on the market then (to the dismay of my VERY conservative Mom, who really though at nice frosty pale pink was the ONLY way to go). I have never been without my long nails (I have great nail genes – thanks, Mom!) and have always collected polish to some extent.

I discovered nail blogs in 2010 and since then my collection has expanded exponentially, lol. I have just managed to overflow a Helmer and a Melmer and will be picking up another Helmer next time we go to Ikea. Last count – 1437 bottles. My favorite colors are blue, purple and green, I adore holos, and I do a lot of nail art, including stamping, studs and decals. I also love layering. Change my polish out every 3-4 days.

When I “found” The Silver Nail a few months back I was delighted: other women around my age love something besides mauve gel manis too! Thanks for the great article, Rose. 🙂


Pam also sent me photos of some of her manis.  Enjoy!

Memdaymani Pam

photo Pam

skittles_waterfall Pam

dotnails Pam
Wow, who says kids have all the fun?  Some amazing art!


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  1. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE.IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Great to see another “over 50” loving color! Sometimes my teen son thinks I’m a freak! LOL

  3. Wow, Susan! So exciting to see my nails on your blog 🙂 My husband said, “So now are you an internet celebrity?” LOL! Thanks for having me guest-post and hoping your move is going well!

  4. Great nails Pam! It’s wonderful to know I am not alone in my polish love for the over 50 club. Thanks for sharing yourself and your great manis on the blog. Thanks SilverN for introducing Pam to us!!!

  5. Wow, you have quite the collection. I love it. I would have the hardest time deciding what color to wear .My collection is tiny compared to yours, and I have a hard time deciding. But, what fun it is to look at all your polish, and make that decision.That’s really part of the fun for me. I love your nail art. I can’t do nail art myself, but I still love to see all the beautiful color design’s, and your’s are fabulous. Oh, and love the comment your husband made about being an internet celebrity. I kind of felt like one for a day yesterday, thanks to Susan. It was pretty cool. Love your post, Pam, and thanks for sharing. Grandma Suzy

    • My husband got a little “tetchy” after I hit the 500-bottle mark, but I reminded him that one of his sisters has a closet full of designer shoes and another one has an entire wardrobe of designer handbags. I then advised him that it would not be THAT hard for me to change what I collected. 😉 Turned him right around. Now when I get a delivery in the mail or pick up a bottle from a new collection, he says, “Well, you do need that. You’re getting low.” Unless I have specific nail art in mind, I usually decide what color family I’m going to use, then what finish and go from there. Thank YOU for sharing, Grandma Suzy!

  6. Pam —
    Great article and great nails! I love your designs, esp the dots.

  7. Pam – such prettiness! Love.
    Susan – just found your blog. Belgrade/Bozeman native here, now in Denver, and I’m a couple years older than you. I have secret polish stash boards on Pinterest so my guilty pleasure remains my guilty pleasure! Football is my thing these days…guess which team, lol… I’m deep into the orange and blue manicures. Zoya Amy is, for me, the perfect orange, and I’m on a quest to find the perfect blue. I want a Broncos blue that has the same glass fleck/foil/metallic finish as Amy. On paper (or is it “on monitor”?) Zoya Neve seemed to be it, but my bottle on my nails is closer to Indigo and Ibiza…. darker than all the pictures show, and with not much shimmer. The closest I’ve found to what I want, so far, is a Sinful Colors and it’s close but no cigar. I’m rather enjoying being “older” and not so much caring what others think anymore. It means I can wear my Peyton Manning jersey with a custom orange and blue fascinator, or a tiara, fancy nails, and lots of rhinestones. Anyway, love your blog – glad I found it.

  8. Thanks for pointing me to your comparison. I’ve looked at both Dream and Song and thought they weren’t deep enough. But, I’m realizing that the colors that look just right on my monitor (Neve, Ibiza, Indigo) are too dark in person. Actually it’s hard to tell the difference between all three on my nails. Maybe it’s this high altitude light? ha. So….I need to go lighter. Which means that Dream and Song are now back on the list of potentials. I ordered Kleancolor Metallic Sapphire (a brand I’m not familiar with), so we’ll see what that looks like in person. I also looked at a comparison between Song and Orly Stone Cold and at least on my monitor I like Orly’s finish better…. it’s more sparkly. I’ve not seen any of the Pixie Dusts in person. Probably need to suck it up and go check out the spas that carry the brand. None close….oh what am I whining about – you’re in Montana where a 30 miles drive is like walking to the store!

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