It’s National Sunscreen Day!

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It’s true; today is National Sunscreen Day.  It’s also National Grape Popsicle Day, and I’m sure we can combine the two happily.

News Release: National Sunscreen Day

I’ve harped on sunscreen many times.  Here’s one of my rants, and it includes a totally groovy TV commercial from the mid-1960s, sung by Glen Campbell, about being the coolest and hippest chick around.

You can be a hip chick without getting a tan.  Avoiding sun damage and premature aging is the hippest thing of all !


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  1. I’m pretty sure National Sun-Screen day was last Friday — it’s always the Friday before the big Memorial Day weekend which is the un-offical start of summer season. I think you got it on the National Grape Popsicle day today however!

    • Well, I was going by numerous news releases that said today, May 27th, is “Sunscreen Protection Day” or by whatever name. Actually, EVERY day should be sunscreen protection day! 😀

  2. That was a funny commercial. I never thought much about sunscreen, and I grew up in California, and only moved to dreary Washington in 2004. But, I was never a fan of being out in the sun too much anyway. I still get confused about the correct coverage of lotion one should have on when going out in the sun. It’s been awhile since I looked it up, and even then their may be differences of opinion. A grape popsicle sounds less confusing, and definitely yummier.


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