Guest Post — Meet Rose Justice and her tale of nails!

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Today I’m thrilled to print my first guest post!  This is going to be a great way to meet readers of The Silver Nail and also, I admit, for me to weasel out of posting while I’m in the middle of a very busy and extended moving process.  Without further ado, let’s meet reader Rose Justice.


I stumbled across The Silver Nail approximately 2½ years ago, back when I was in the process of becoming a polish addict again. I had been addicted to nail polish since my early teens, but choices in life kept me away. Back then, I had rules for my nails. If one breaks, they all go. If the polish has chips, take it off. Due to 2 jobs back-to-back that both required neutral nails (first Disney World then Sign Language Interpreter) I had gotten away from my love of polish.

Anyway, it was a random getting manicures with my niece where the Polish Gods intervened. I selected OPI’s You Don’t Know Jacques to get a mani with. I thought it was too dark, my nails too short but relying on the fashion sense of a beloved 16 year old I went with it.

A couple of weeks later I found myself in Walgreens thinking about that interesting polish and knowing OPI wasn’t sold in drug stores, I looked at brands I had heard of. As I was trying to find something that resembled the color I had in my head, I found a brand I never heard of, Essie. I picked up a bottle of what looked to be an interesting grey called Chinchilly. “Yeah,” offered the sales clerk, “We just started selling that. It comes with a gift.” I selected a second bottle, Eternal Optimist and went home with 2 Essie nail files and a receipt that told me I just spent $16 on nail polish.

I don’t remember exactly what happened but within the next few weeks I was hooked on polish again. The big difference between now and then is The Internet. There were blogs. There were lists, how-tos, new meaning for the word “lemming” and all sorts of fun things.

But, it also appeared that polish addicts were no longer my age. I found some thirty-somethings but most were teens and twenty-somethings. Except this one blog I found. I have to admit, it was not the flashiest blog, didn’t offer any Rafflecoptor giveaways, but I liked it. It was one of a couple of blogs that somehow I made come to my email. Many of the other blogs didn’t last, but this one stayed. I continued to read and I began to post comments. Hey! She answered! It took me forever before I found out her first name was “Sue.” She was someone from my era. She helped make this 50 year old woman (who hadn’t said my age aloud for the past 2 years) start admitting my age. She helped me realize that it’s okay to like green polish. Not all colors have to be another shade of red. Or brown if I’m really wild.

When I was 16, with my nail rules, my drug dealer Avon lady would bring the polish to my house. My brands were Cutex and Avon. I would sit with my hands in front of me for an hour to make sure I didn’t smudge. My favorite brother gave me a Clairol Nailworks for Christmas one year. Quick dry polish was oily and did not work. Now I’m 50 and my nail rules are still applicable. My newest dealer is the mail carrier. My brands are Essie, Butter London, Zoya, and OPI. I now own You Don’t Know Jacques. Quick dry topcoat is AMAZING. But the best thing is I’ve met some amazing people.

Sue, I hope your moving is as stress-free as possible. And thanks for letting me ramble a bit.


No, thank YOU, Rose — what an interesting and well-written story!


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  1. What a fantastic post! I’m a 37 year old polish LOVER (I have almost 1000 bottles). I commute on the train every day and I cannot help but smile, and if I get a chance, compliment a woman who is 50 or over and is wearing a colored nail polish, particularly my FAVORITES, purple, blue and green.

    My own 58 year old mom used to only wear reds and pinks and frosty neutrals until I brought her into my world. She now ADORES having color on her nails and finds pinks and reds too boring. She can’t help but to paint her nails something new when she comes over! Her favorite summer color is Barielle’s Head of the Class Green. She’s also obsessed with Barielle’s High Marks Purple, and Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure’s Calypso Blue and Trouble Maker. It makes me so happy to see those colors on her because they truly match her spunky personality! She is the talk of all the ladies at work who compliment her DAILY. Every Monday they have to come to her desk to see what she’s wearing and ask what it is and where she got it:).

    Thank you for sharing your story! I loved reading it!

  2. Thank you for this post! As a woman of that certain age, I too have rediscovered nail polish after giving it up after college. I remember the frosty pinks and mauves and the diy french kits from Sally Hansen that never turned out right. I also remember the smell of some of those polishes and who knows what was in them…but some of them were pretty ^__^ I have about 400 bottles now (a four year obsession) and a lot of those are in the green, blue and purple family and I’m strangely drawn to oranges. I love shimmers and holographics. Honestly, my daughter worries that I’m getting too carried away ^__^ The pixie dusts from Zoya and gold dusts from L’oreal have grabbed my attention lately. So many polishes so little time.

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