Pink eyes, which is not to say pinkeye

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Wow, I haven’t done a makeup post in a while.  Kind of went wild this past winter buying some new makeup but I’ve dialed my purchases way back.  Saving money, y’know.

But today I want to talk about a pink-toned eyeshadow quad I’ve been using a lot, and also about how to not overdo the pink eye look.  Because face it, no one wants to look like they have the communicable disease called pinkeye, aka conjunctivitis.

The quad is a drugstore one from Cover Girl called Exact Eyelights for green eyes.  No, I do not have green eyes; mine are brown.  But the quad for brown eyes didn’t grab me and contains a dark gray or black, a silver, a copper-gold, and a light buff.  Guess what?  You can buy any makeup you want, whether what it says on the packaging matches how you actually look or not.  The Makeup Police are exactly like The Nail Polish Police, in that they do not exist.

I’m not sure about the current availability of these Exact Eyelight quads.  I bought just the eyeshadow and have also seen it for sale packaged with a special brush.  The SRP was about $7.99-$8.99 but Cover Girl and other drugstore brands are frequently on sale.

All four shadows are shimmers or pearl finishes.  They’re only average as far as pigmentation and wear, yet I like them anyway.  Sometimes — quite often, in fact — I don’t want super-pigmented eyehadow and prefer a very soft look.  Here’s the quad shown both closed and open:

CG quad closed

CG quad open
Don’t think the individual shadows have names.  From left to right, dark to light, they are a plum, a taupe-pink, a candy pink, and a very light grayed pink.  I use the first and third shadows the most, and the lightest one doesn’t show up well on my skin tone at all.  Here they are swatched on my inner arm, and on the far right is another product I want to mention.

CG quad swatches

What looks like foundation is actually an eyeshadow crayon from Milani called Shadow Eyez in the color Almond Cream.  It comes in some other good flesh tones, in addition to some bright shades.

Milani Almond Cream

It has excellent wear, and you can use it as a highlighter, but when I wear pink eyeshadow I line the inside of my lower eyelid with this Milani pencil, which keeps my eyes from looking too red or pink.  Being an eye product, it’s safe to use near your eyes, unlike regular foundation.  You just need a light touch with it.

I think pink eyeshadow can look very pretty on us older women as long as we don’t try to overdo it and cover our eyes from lashes to brows with hot pink, like Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games movies.



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  1. I like those pinks. Very pretty. And sometimes less pigment is better.

  2. I seem to buy the shadows that say specifically “for blue eyes” mostly because I’ve learned from too many products before that just because I like it doesn’t mean it is going to look good on me, and those seem to always match my coloring and look good. You are right in that I could buy any of the shadow palettes, but I tend to not be the best judge of a shade and follow my eyes and heart if I like a color, hence makeup disasters, so…. well you know. I do love wearing pink shadows and I do look good in those, even with my baby blues.

  3. After years of reading I ‘should’ wear blue shadow with my blue eyes, I switched. I rarely wear blue now, but mostly wear lilacs and pinks which look super flattering with my pale, cool complexion. I’ll have to have a look at this quad!

  4. Love pink, but make up is not really my thing. Maybe because I have no idea how to really apply it. I just throw on a little tinted moisturizer, blush, lipstick, powder my nose, and I’m done. And, I don’t even bother with any of that when I’m home. It’s a good thing there is no make up or nail polish police, but also no clothing, and lately in my case, no shoe police. Because, your blog reminds me of my pink shoes I bought awhile ago. I just had to have them, and they are not just pink, but super bright pink. I realize they may look a bit unusual on a 61 yr old woman, but I love them so much, let them look. They’re probably just jealous. LOL

    • Love it! Bet your bright pink shoes are awesome. 😀 Like clothes, shoes, and nail polish, you should wear the makeup you’re comfortable with. I like to go makeup-free when I’m home all day too.

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