Pink, pink, and more pink from Essie for Summer 2014

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Although I just posted about Essie’s Haute in the Heat summer collection the other day (and also saw it for sale at CVS Pharmacy, so it’s out now), there’s news of yet another summer set from the company:  Sugar Daddy.

Essie-Sugar-Daddy banner

Essie-Sugar-Daddy collection

Images via .  Check out her great blog!

While I adore pink and should be excited about this collection, I don’t know enough about it yet.  First of all, the titular shade, Sugar Daddy, is not a new color.  It’s a very sheer shade popular for French manicures.  Since Sugar Daddy isn’t new and I don’t know the names of the other colors in the set, I have to wonder if they’re new or current ones.  Maybe some of each?  And I don’t know what the formulas are — will they all be sheers?  If so, count me out.

Sugar Daddy Summer 2014 is supposedly launching next month in Japan but no word yet on the North American market.

Big thanks to Chic Profile and  I’m a Beauty Geek for the heads-up.  Geek on!


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