The day was in dire need of a Ctrl+Alt+Delete

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That’s one of my favorite sayings ever.  Anne Taintor, purveyor of vintage sassiness, has it on a coaster set and sticky notes.


And oh, ’tis true, ’tis true.  Don’t you wish sometimes you could just reboot your whole day?  Today is one of those days.

Had a major home service call scheduled today for 2 p.m.  The time was confirmed twice for me, by two different people.  So guess who shows up at 9 a.m.??  I was still schlepping around in my fuzzy robe, drinking coffee and checking email.

Then later, when wrestling with a window screen, I managed to break off a nail and chip two others on my swatching hand.  I realize that, as newsworthy tragedies, this does not rate very highly, nor should it, but it was just another “Oh,  $&^#!” thing.

It’s too early in the day to start drinking heavily, so one way to cheer up is to pull out a bright nail polish, chips and breaks be damned.  I grabbed an older color from Julep that I got on sale, Maria.

Maria is unfortunately no longer available on Julep’s site, but if you like it you might find it in a swap somewhere.  It’s a light silvery pink, and I was going to call it a foil but think it’s more accurate to call it a chrome.  It appears to be lit from within.  And wonder of wonders, it’s a one-coater for me.  One coat, no top coat, under indirect bright outdoor light:


I don’t have another polish exactly like this.  Essie’s 2012 set of chromes called Mirror Metallics had a lavender named Nothing Else Metals that was close, but no pink.

And because just about everything reminds me of a song or a movie, this polish Maria reminds me of the song “Sweet Maria” from the original Mission Mountain Wood Band, a 1970s Montana legend.  Enjoy the song along with all the old LP pops and hisses!

Lead singer Rob Quist is still making music and sounding mighty fine.

Yep, a bright polish and an upbeat song — I feel better!



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  1. You always can make me laugh, Susan. I’m not a fan of anyone coming earlier myself either. I like to be ready. That really is an upbeat lively song. The song and putting on some nail polish can lift ones spirits for sure. I’ve never heard of that group, but I love alot of different kinds of music,and enjoyed that. I’m trying to find the energy and drive to make more progress unpacking more boxes, and hopefully hang some pictures today. I’m waiting for my next shipment from Zoya which should come either today or tomorrow. Harper, Muse, Sarah, and London, plus the Mini Color Lock System. I’ll probably have to take Adina off (which I love), even if it’s still looking good on my nails, so I can put one of my new colors on. I’m like a kid when it comes to new polish. I hope the rest of your day goes smoothly.

  2. What a pretty pink, It reminds me of a shiny satin ribbon.

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