Gettin’ Haute in the Heat with Essie Summer 2014

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Essie news is always super-popular.  Ready for summer?  Meet the Haute in the Heat collection!

Essie summer 2014 haute in the heat banner

Essie summer 2014 haute in the heat spill

Essie summer 2014 haute in the heat bottles

A nice range of bright summer shades that thankfully don’t contain an Essie-typical lavender (they’ve been good about that this year).

The colors are:

  • Haute in the Heat — pink-red
  • Roarrrrange — orange
  • Strut Your Stuff — blue
  • Ruffles & Feathers — green
  • Fierce No Fear — brown
  • Urban Jungle — white

Please overlook my exceedingly bland color descriptions.  Non-descriptions is more like it.  And RUN, don’t walk, to I’m A Beauty Geek, who has all six polishes along with great swatches and helpful comparisons.  I love her style, both polish and writing.  She sure rocks that orange!  And all the other colors, too.



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  1. Aw shucks, lady. Thanks so much for the love. Right back atcha!

  2. I see here you mentioned a matte top coat. I meant to ask you about this a while ago, but forgot. So, is the Essie matte top coat a good one? I don’t own any of the matte nail polishes, so thought I would try one of the top coats and see if I like it. Thanks. And, since it’s past midnight. Happy Mother’s Day to you.

    • And Happy Mother’s Day to you & everyone else! I’ve read Essie’s matte top coat is very good but have never tried it. I have one from Butter London that I got on sale and like it quite well. I used to have one from Hard Candy and it looked good but I couldn’t stand the smell.

  3. I’m in love with these colors!! So pretty ❤ 😀

  4. That Other Jean

    Oooooohhh, I love the not-quite-white of Urban Jungle! Not that the others aren’t pretty (though I’m a bit dubious about the brown), but they’re really close to colors already available.

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