Layering with Bubbly

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Disclosure:  These polishes were sent by Zoya for review.

After my review of Zoya’s new Bubbly Collection, and all the comparisons I did a few days ago, I got to wondering about how some of the polishes in this set would look layered with each other since they’re sheer.  Let’s experiment.

As I mentioned, I was disappointed that Binx was not more purple.  It’s a darker pink than Harper but not what I’d call purple.  So I swatched two coats of Binx over two coats of the blue holo glitter, Muse.  Shown with the bottle of Alma for contrast:

Binx and Muse

Now that, I’d call purple!  I could have been more neat in my application around the edges, but you get the idea.  Binx and Muse alone are three coats each.

How about the green Stassi with Muse?  Here’s one coat of Stassi over two coats of Muse, also shown with the bottle of Alma for contrast:

Stassi and Muse

I’m sure none of you will be surprised to see that layering a green over a blue gives you a blue-green.  I think it’s a beautiful “sparkling ocean” look.

You could layer any of the colors together, although green plus orange or blue plus orange might look muddy and indeterminate.  I’m also not sure layering the peach-gold Alma with the orange Jesy would make a huge difference.  But remember my byword for 2014:  PLAY!!

Disclosure:  These polishes were sent by Zoya for review.



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  1. Yes! I love those combos! i can’t wait to try them myself! Thank you!

  2. I was ready to dismiss the pink and yellow but you’ve changed my mind. I think this whole collection will be going on my wish list.

  3. Ooh, love the possibilities with this!

  4. Oooh, yeah! I was thinking I wouldn’t really need Stassi or Alma or Jesy, but I should have realized the layering possibilities! Probably need everything noooww

  5. Layering never occurred to me-thank you for sharing the idea!

  6. Love these combos! I wonder, do you take swatch requests? If you have the particular polish, and the time? If not, I understand. =) If so, might you have Binx to show over Kitridge, and Harper to show over Rooney and/or Wendy? Thanks either way! =)


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