Zoya comparison-fest, again

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Disclosure:  Many but not all of these polishes were supplied by Zoya for review.

I love doing comparisons of new Zoya polishes to some of their older shades.  It  helps everybody — me, you, Zoya.  We all win!  I know most of us don’t have the money to buy every single polish that catches our eye; I certainly don’t and there’s nothing wrong with saying so.

You can see my full reviews of the two latest Summer 2014 sets, Bubbly and Tickled,  here and here, if you haven’t already.  The colors I pulled for comps are from reader suggestions and my own curiosity.

I’ll have half my comps today and hopefully the other half tomorrow.  I don’t mean that as a tease, honest.  After a few rounds of swatches and polish remover, my skin starts to get dry and red, no matter how much lotion and cuticle cream I use.

So let’s go!  First is the sparkly Harper with Happi and Lux.

Zoya comps HHL bottles

Zoya comps HHL swatches

Lux, obviously, is not close in color.  I only included it because it has some holo glitter and is vaguely pink.  I think the new MagicalPixie (not released yet) called Ginni will be closer to Harper.  Happi is a similar pink to Harper but is a totally different finish, a duochrome.  I’ve been a huge fan of Happi for years, but Harper makes Happi look almost matronly here.  I can’t believe I’m saying that!!  I’m loving Harper more and more.

Next, some light pink cremes, Kitridge with Shelby and Sweet.

Zoya comps KSS bottles

Zoya comps KSS swatches

In the bottle they all look fairly close, but on the nail you can see that Kitridge is more neutral while Shelby and Sweet have a lavender tint.  All three are good.  Shelby and Sweet are near dupes for each other.

PINK.  MOAR PINK.  Here are Binx and Bobbi.

Zoya comps BB bottles

Zoya comps BB swatches

Sorry about the poor focus in the swatch photo.  As I said in my review of the Bubbly Collection, I expected Binx to be purple because of its preview pictures.  But it’s a dark pink with a purplish tone.  Bobbi is a bright magenta pink foil from last year’s Irresistible Collection.  Binx and Bobbi are similar in color but have different finishes, holo glitter vs. silvery foil.

Moving on to coral-pink cremes, Wendy next to Micky.

Zoya comps WM bottles

Zoya comps WM swatches

This is an interesting pair.  Hopefully you can tell that Wendy is lighter and more coral while Micky is darker and more pink.  I personally prefer Micky on my skin tone.

Now let’s get blue.

Zoya comps CMHD bottles

Zoya comps CMHD swatches

No dupes here although Charla and Muse are close.  But Charla is more teal and does not have holo glitter.  Hazel is a heavy silver-blue foil, and Dream is a much darker blue with tiny silver flakes.  Am I a polish pig to say I love all four?

Zoya comps BLRR bottles

Zoya comps BLRR swatches

Here’s an intriguing group, because while there are no exact dupes, Breezi and Ling are similar to each other, as are Robyn and Rocky.  Breezi is a bit more gray than Ling, and Ling is brighter.  Rocky is a tad more gray than Robyn.

Tomorrow:  the golds/peaches, oranges, darker pink cremes, and greens.

Disclosure:  Many but not all of these polishes were supplied by Zoya for review.


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  1. Thanks. Appreciate your comparison posts.

  2. You’re fantastic, you really truly are! Thank you!!!

  3. Great comparisons! “Polish pig” never, you have a nicely curated collection 🙂

  4. This is great. I was wondering how close Tinsley is to Happi and how Dot compares to the pinks. Any thoughts on those? Thanks again.

  5. Awesome comparisons! SO looking forward to the next!

  6. greyeyedgrrl

    I love comparison posts! While my Zoya collection is small, these always give me ideas.

  7. Such a fantastic post! Thanks for all of the hard work that went into this one!

  8. Between Shelby and Sweet, which has the better formula/easier to apply? I want to get one of them. Thanks!


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