Put the Pedi to the Metal with OPI and Ford Mustang

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That OPI!  What won’t they do this year?!?  I don’t ever remember them coming out with so many specialty collections so close together.  Coca-ColaBaseball.

Now get ready to rev your engines with a collection inspired by the 50th anniversary of the Ford Mustang.

OPI Mustang collection

Click on this next picture for a larger view.

OPI Mustang bottles

Six limited edition shades, left to right:

  • Race Red: The hero color of the collection, Race Red pays tribute to one of Mustang’s signature colors and brings to life the passion and excitement of the iconic car
  • 50 Years of Style: Just like Mustang, celebrate all your milestones with this made-to-party golden pearl
  • Queen of the Road: Inspired by Mustang’s dramatic and perfectly appointed cabin, a black interior evokes sophistication and will always be a classic – just like the little black dress
  • The Sky’s My Limit: There is nothing like the freedom of the open road and shimmering, endless blue sky. This aqua hue awakens a woman’s sense of adventure and is a trend shade for summer going into the fall.
  • Girls Love Ponies: A woman is multifaceted; this grown-up pink acts as a reminder of her femininity, even as she takes to the wheel of the powerful pony
  • Angel with a Leadfoot: Drive up and say “halo” to this celestial white. Whether worn alone or as an accent, white is essential to a woman’s wardrobe and to making a statement

Read all about it at Ford’s media page HERE.

Release slated to be some time in July.  Beyond Polish has them for preorder now; don’t know yet if there will be a mini set.



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  1. Some of these descriptions are redic (“~*~a reminder of her femininity~*~”), though I’m interested in the red and black. The red is probably nothing special, but Mustang-red sounds a little irresistible.

    My sister is actually convinced OPI Ogre the Top Blue is a dead-on match for Mustang’s “Grabber Blue”. I’m a little surprised they didn’t redo that one, because it’s a pretty fab color.

  2. As a lifelong Mustang lover and polish hoarder, I love all those colors! Mustang red or Mustang pink on my NAILS? YES! Please. After all, I really don’t want a bright pink bada** Mustang. I sort of prefer Silver or Black for that.

  3. what about grabber blue i need grabber blue


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