50 Is The New Fabulous

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As you may know, I don’t generally like the term “____ is the new ____,” because it’s usually just so much puffery and fluff.  Orange is not the new black.  Black is the new black, because it’s the old black too.  Only black is black.  A popular phrase has been “40 is the new 30,” as if we’re somehow magically getting younger.

Sure, I know what these phrases mean and they’re not supposed to be taken literally.  But they bug me.

So today I’ll bug you with the polish name “50 Is The New Fabulous.”  I got a printed sales flier in the mail from Sally Beauty, and this was the cover:

Sally flier opi

Sorry it looks a little scratched up, but I had to scan this picture, as I cannot find ANY information about these OPI polishes anywhere.  None.  Not even on Sally’s web site.  It’s like they don’t exist anywhere except in my imagination.  No, that can’t be; I really did get the flier in the mail.

50 Is The New Fabulous appears to be a hot pink creme, and Pop the Cork is a glitter mix of silver and gold.  These are apparently limited edition shades exclusive to Sally’s, for the store’s 50th anniversary.  Obviously, a trip to the Sally Beauty near me is in order if I want to see if these polishes are real.  Anyone else seen them or anything else about them?  If Sally is trying to throttle the info about them, they’re doing a good job!


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  1. I think it means that instead of feeling like you are near the hill at 40 it’s supposed to be like where 30 used to be (buying houses and doing whatever 30 yr olds do). Although does this mean that people aren’t settling down now until 10 years later??? I am almost 40 and I am confused!! How about I just be myself! I doubt anyone at Sally knows about this either because I am way more informed about polish releases than they are. Usually they get things in the first (week at my store) of the month and they usually don’t get anything in anytime in between. They still don’t have the Glitter collection yet. My store just got the baseball ones.

  2. Hi. I got the same flyer and I’m going nuts trying to figure out which colors will be reissued. Other than the two on the cover “50 is the new fabulous” and “pop the cork” I haven’t found anything… but your blog! So I’ll keep my eyes peeled and if I find anything I’ll make sure to leave you an email!

    I’ll keep looking!

  3. I was in my local Sally’s today and saw the display for the anniversary collection. The display only has 2 colors, 50 is the New Fabulous and Pop the Cork. I can’t find anything about this collection online, but the colors looked good in the display. I may have to buy this soon. I wish they would make collection easier to find and gain information about.

  4. I was at my local Sally’s Wednesday, and they pulled them out for me to look at. IMO just looking and not holding the bottles, Pop the Cork looked like a chunky gold glitter, and 50 reminded me of Stefani’s pink opi color. It wasn’t as orchid as I thought it would be. Pretty, but not quite rush out and grab.

  5. Just bought Pop the Cork. It’s small and medium sized hexagon gold glitter with a larger hexagon silver glitter. The pink wasn’t anything special in my opinion – darker than it looks in the picture.

  6. I have them! They are awesome! Sally’s has a small and very limited abount of them! I HAD to buy them both!


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