My top 10 (or more) Zoyas!

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Disclosure:  Some of these polishes were previously supplied by Zoya for review.

I’ve been meaning to write a post like this for ages — my top 10 (may stretch to 12 or more) colors of Zoya polish.  What better time to do this than in preparation for their annual Earth Day Sale/Exchange?  Half-price quality polish.  It’s like Christmas in April.

I was inspired to get off my duff and post this by blogger The Mercurial Magpie, who just did a similar post.  Please look at her great pictures and swatches here.  Lots of great colors — will we mostly differ on our own personal top shades?

Here are my favorite Zoyas, in no particular order.  I can’t say a certain one is #3 and another one is #7 or whatever; a lot depends on my mood and the time of year.  Let’s get started!

I love pink and I especially love a good raspberry pink.  Moxie has been one of my fave Zoyas ever since I got my little paws on it.  It was out of stock for a while, came back, and is out of stock again as of this writing, but Zoya has another color that is very, very close called Brie.  I think my swatch of Brie is a little less orchid/purplish than how it appears on Zoya’s web site.


Although I don’t wear gold polish very much, I think it’s good to have one in one’s stash, especially around winter holiday time.  A great gold foil is Ziv.

Ziv outd light

I think Zoya does foils really well, and it’s one of my favorite polish finishes because it’s shimmery without being full of chunky glitter, and it doesn’t show brushstrokes.  Another fave foil of mine is the teal Zuza plus a new one this year, the lighter green Dillon.  Love both!

Aw. Dillon w Zuza

One polish I’ve mentioned many times is Jo.  It’s a periwinkle blue with silver shimmer.

Jo outd light

Another blue, yet totally different, is Dream.  It’s a medium-dark blue with small holo glitter.


How about some reds?  Red is such a classic when it comes to nail polish.  Last fall I loved Channing, a coppery red shimmer.  It screams “autumn” to me.  Fortunately it doesn’t scream when I’m trying to sleep.

Channing outd

For a more summery red, I love the pinkish Kimber.  Is this a great watermelon color, or what?!?

Kimber outd light

Want a dark vampy red?  New to me this year was Norra, a wine purple-red that I’m saving for fall.  A lot of designers used it in the most recent New York Fashion Week show, if you care about things like that.


If I could only have one red from Zoya, though, I think it’d be Rekha.  It’s a medium red creme that’s very glossy on its own, and it always strikes me as classic and retro both.  (Sorry about the uneven length of my nails.)

Rekha ind outd light

I couldn’t be The Silver Nail unless I had a great silver polish, could I?  One I reach for over and over is Trixie.  It’s a bright silver foil, almost a chrome, that doesn’t show brushstrokes like many other brands that I’ve tried.  My own swatch photos of it are not great, so I’ll just show you the bottle from Zoya’s web site.  Cheater.


Finally, let me re-show you a very cool royal purple that can be sophisticated or just plain fun.  Belinda:

Imperial Russia outd light

Well, that was an even dozen polishes, and yet I know I’m forgetting a few more of my favorites.  What are your “can’t-live-withouts”?

Disclosure:  Some of these polishes were previously supplied by Zoya for review.


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  1. Darn it !! I should have not checked your blog .. I was trying to avoid the temptation for the Earth day exchange buys !!! 🙂 great colors you picked …

  2. Great list! I’ve been looking at “Dream” since it was released, just ordered one today in the promo! Can’t wait for it, such a beautiful color. I also have Trixie and Kimber, both great shades. I think my favorite shade is Izzy, I seem to reach for that one most often, but Zoya has such lovely shades, hard to choose which to wear. I tend to love the summer and holiday type colors, but I’ve recently included some spring pastels in my collection. Belinda is gorgeous, might need to go on the wishlist.

  3. Great list! I’d have to add Sooki (another great red) and Charisma (a neon purple)!

  4. Great post, thanks for linking mine! 🙂 I only have two of these shades but I think Kimber is calling my name!!

  5. What a fun post! ^_^ Sooki is my most favorite red ever! I have so many favorites from Zoya…. Charisma, Kimber, Odette, Storm, Ibiza, Blaze, Payton, Reagan, Miranda…

  6. I’ve been working to put my list of 6 polishes together. It’s a little hard, so many great colors. I have most of your list here. I really want London, Sarah, Maura, and Lotus. Do you have any of these? So, want at least one pink. I’m not too good with applying cremes, but do have some I love. So, thinking about Brie you have posted here. I was looking at Joy and Star also, but can’t really find much info like swatches, or reviews on those 2. Other possibilities are Fawne, Charla,and Belinda. So, let me know if you have any of these, and can offer any info on them. Thanks so much.

  7. Some of the Zoyas I have and love are Faye, Daul, Lexi, Dillon, Hudson, Ivanka, Tinsley…etc. to make 23! *blush*

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