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While I’m still swooning over the preview pics of the Tickled and Bubbly summer collections from Zoya — especially Bubbly! — there’s even more news.  Also soon to be released is a new trio of Magical PixieDust polishes.  They’re calling it Magical Pixie 2.0.

Zoya Magical Pixie summer14

Looks like candy!

Zoya Magical Pixie summer14b

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Available on


I’ll admit to being a little surprised that the colors are not more diverse from the first three Magical Pixies released earlier this spring.  They were blue, light pink, and silver/white and I reviewed them here.

Love the new purple called Arlo, and actually, I think I’ll like the new pink, Ginni, because it’s darker than the pink in the first set, Lux, which was paler than I expected.  The off-white or nude Bar (what kind of a name is Bar???) new Magical Pixie looks like a cross between Cosmo from the first set and an older PixieDust without the holo sparkle called Tomoko.



Which in a way is cool, because I love both polishes.

Like the first three Magical PixieDust polishes, it looks like these can be worn on their own or as top coats over other polishes.  Also, you could change their look with tinted sheer top coats like I showed here.

Magical Pixie 2.0 is available for pre-order NOW.


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  1. There’s an Israeli supermodel named Bar Refaeli. I’m guessing it’s named after her.

  2. I only have Lux from the 1st set, and even though I love it, I don’t know if I love it enough to buy more. But, that can always change, since I seem to always be changing my mind about the colors I want. I love the texture from the regular PixieDusts alot more. With Lux it seemed a little too “scratchy”, not sure how to describe it. I had to add a top coat with it. The colors of all the PixeiDusts are amazing though. I really want some of the other summer colors,( not all of them), that I know for sure.

  3. Although I love the original Pixie Dusts, the Magicals are just a bit “much” for me. I do admire them on others, though! I expect a lot of my hesitancy is that just thinking about removing them makes me a little weak. 😉

    • With any glitter polish, I too am often hesitant because of FOR (Fear of Removal). I want to get my hands on that new “Glitter Off” base coat from OPI, and I wish Zoya would make one too.

  4. I just allow more time, (and more cotton balls) to remove any glitter type polish. I know I could use the method with the pieces of foil, but honestly I know that it would take me longer to prepare and use that method, instead of just scrubbing off the polish. So, that works for me. I use alot of glitter for top coats, so my entire nail isn’t glitter. I think the PixieDusts are easier to remove than regular glitter polish. If I really love the polish, I know I’ll want to wear it, regardless of any difficulty of taking it off.

    • I agree that the regular PixieDusts are much easier to remove than other glitters. The chunkier ones, like big hex glitter or the Magical Pixies, are tougher for me, and I get impatient! 😉

  5. Have you tried the “dip it” polish remover sold at Target? Can tell you exact name when I get home. Gianna@NouveauCheap reviewed it and it’s been making my glitter addiction much less frustrating ever since. Basically, it’s a pot of acetone with plastic “fingers” inside. You dip your fingers in, one at a time, and the “fingers” rub the polish off. Takes maybe five minutes for ten nails! Love!


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