The Blood Moon

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Blood Moon — sounds like the latest horror/romance series featuring vampires, werewolves, and angst-ridden tweeners.  But fear not, it’s an actual meteorological event, a total lunar eclipse, and it happens tonight.  In good news for many of us, the Western Hemisphere will be prime viewing territory.  Get all the details about times, expected cloud cover, and so forth here at The Weather Channel.

I can’t decide if I’ll stay up to see it, go to bed and get up at midnight or so, or sleep through it and look at photos tomorrow.  I do know that whenever in my life I’ve had the chance to view or ignore famous comets and other events in the heavens, I’ve been glad I took the time to actually watch.  Total solar eclipse, Halley’s Comet, other comets — yep, glad I saw them.

It’s called a Blood Moon because the moon will look red.  Nowadays we know all the scientific whys and wherefores, but imagine how frightening this might have been to ancient civilizations who probably thought blood on the moon was a very bad sign.

Did you know some cultures used to have and still have moon viewing parties?  Probably the most famous are in Japan, and they’re usually for the harvest moon, not eclipses.  Read about tsukimi here if you’re interested.  What a beautiful concept.  Sometimes we rush around so much, from sunup to sundown to bedtime without really looking at and appreciating the world around us.

At any rate, how about a pretty red polish for tonight’s Blood Moon?  Here’s a suitably dark red shimmer, so dark because its base is actually black.  It’s Caroline from Julep, another polish of the company’s that I bought in a sale.  Unfortunately, and I don’t mean this as a tease, it’s no longer available on Julep’s site.  If you love it you may find it available in a swap or sale somewhere.

The formula was good, streaky and thin on the first coat but with great coverage and shimmer on the second coat.  The base is a semi-sheer black and the shimmer is a slightly warm-toned dark red.  Two coats, no top coat, under indirect sunlight and then with the flash:


Caroline flash

This is one of those vampy blackened polishes that I love when I have short nails.  Makes me feel fashionable.  On long nails and especially on pointy long nails, blackened shades can, I think, be very aging to our hands as we get older.  Too long and too dark blood red and you’re getting into Dragon Lady Land.  But on short nails, love it.

Caroline is a color I’d wear a lot more in the fall and winter.  If you’re looking for a blackened red shimmer and don’t want to track down a discontinued polish, may I recommend Blair from Zoya.

And speaking of Zoya — don’t I always? — check back here at The Silver Nail first thing tomorrow morning for a big announcement.  We gotta find something good about Tax Day, right?  😀


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  1. I too have witnessed a bunch of eclipse and stuff .. It’s a special experience .. I am sure staying up to catch the red moon

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