China Glaze summer 2014 — first swatches from The Cheryl Flavour

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You gotta love blogger The Cheryl Flavour.  Well, you don’t gotta, but I sure do.  She gets new collections really early, especially China Glaze ones which seem to be released first in Asia, and has great swatches and photos.

I wasn’t terribly tempted by China Glaze’s spring sets which were pretty but were pastel shades close to polishes I already own.  But the summer ones called Off Shore?  Hubba hubba.  I’ll list them again, and show how the twelve colors are divided into two subsets, one cool tones and one warm.


China Glaze Summer 2014-Dune-Our-Thing

Dune Our Thing, left to right:

  • Feel The Breeze
  • Float On
  • Dune Our Thing
  • X-Ta-Sea
  • I See The Point
  • Wait ‘n’ Sea

China Glaze Summer2014-Stoked-To-Be-Soaked

Stoked to be Soaked, left to right:

  • Sea’s The Day
  • Stoked to be Soaked
  • If In Doubt, Surf It Out
  • Sun Upon My Skin
  • Shore Enuff
  • Be More Pacific

The Cheryl Flavour shows them all except the last three, the yellow and greens.  She says they were already sold out (so they must be popular) and says she’s going to “hunt them down.”

Please have a look at her swatches, since I can’t/won’t steal her photos.  So bright and pretty, just the thing for summer.

What do you think of the new colors?  Dune Our Thing MUST be mine!  I have a thing for raspberry pinks.  I also like the other two pinks, Feel the Breeze and Float On.  Don’t think the oranges would flatter my skin and the blue I Sea the Point is brighter than I want.  I like the red, the teal, and the purple too.


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  1. Ahhh! I can’t wait for swatches of the greens to come out. Of the ones she found, my favorites may be the raspberry and Stoked to be Soaked. The oranges remind me of long-past ChG collections, like the retro ’70s one.

  2. Reblogged this on CarmellaNails and commented:
    Would love to get this collection! But oh my limited funds…


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