New color changing polish from Ruby Wing

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I’ve been remiss reporting on Ruby Wing, known for polish that changes color in sunlight or is scented, sometimes both.  They came out with a set of six color changing polishes called Sweet Fantasy that I totally missed.  Some, like Dolled Up, look fun….

Ruby Wing Dolled Up

… but others, like Deepest Desire, have such a subtle change that they hardly look worth the $10 price tag.

Ruby Wing Deepest Desire

Centerfold has an amazing shift, but In Your Dreams is another blah one.

Moving on, Ruby Wing has also announced their summer collection called… wait for it…. Summer Collection.  Wow, what an imaginative stretch!  There are some pretty ones, although the set is heavy on the greens and pinks.  Green Peace:

Ruby Wing Green Peace

and Summer Love:

Ruby Wing Summer Love

I think these color changing polishes would indeed be the most fun in the summer, when most of us are out in the sun more (be sure to wear sunscreen on the backs of your hands and fingers!!).  Would be wonderful gifts for little girls.  And big girls who want to act like little girls.  😉


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  1. I recently found some Ruby Wing polishes at my local Five Below store – they were 3 for $5. They didn’t have many colors to choose from, but what a bargain!

  2. I’m so glad you mentioned sunscreen, the best anti-aging move any of us can make!


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