Live Sunny Side Up with Misa

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I’ve always liked the phrase “sunny side up.”  When I was little, it seemed like the happiest possible way to order eggs, because let’s face it, how exciting can eggs be?

So it makes me smile to read of the latest collection from Misa.  Here’s the picture, not very clear, that was posted on their Facebook page.

Misa Sunny Side Up1

Better pictures:

Misa Sunny Side Up2

Misa Sunny Side Up3

Nothing terribly earth-shattering here, but I like the egg-yolk-yellow of Silly Daffodils, and Chrysanthemum and Cherry Blossom Awesome look like good spring-like pinks.

Misa is one of those polish brands that I’d buy and wear more if it was more widely available, because I love the few I’ve bought.  No one near me carries it.  I used to order some Misas from, but they stopped carrying new shades a long time ago.  If any of you know of a good outlet, gimme a shout!


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  1. I get mine from


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