Get Baked with Orly this summer

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Tomorrow’s the first official day of spring and I know a big swath of the U.S. is looking forward to its first real taste of warmer weather.  What a winter it’s been!

If you really want to warm up, take a peek at the new collection from Orly for summer, Baked:


Wow!  Bright, brighter, brightest.  Neon.  Eye-opening.

The color names are:

  • Neon Heat
  • Ablaze
  • Tropical Pop
  • Lush
  • Hot Tropics
  • Saturated


Lush, the green, looks like the odd one in the bunch as far as being a different finish, but for a really good look at ALL the colors, hop over to BeautyJudy’s blog — she has the whole set (so apparently it’s out now) with great swatches and photos.  There are shimmers and cremes.  Tropical Pop looks oddly edible, like a frozen tangerine-mango ice pop.  It’s my fave of the bunch.

What about you; do these neons grab you?  Or are you going to hold out for the China Glaze Off Shore summer polishes?  And of course we don’t know yet what Zoya has planned for summer.  Just bring on the warm weather already!


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  1. I’ll take both sets please!

  2. Waiting for Zoya’s summer colors. Have you heard anything?

    • I’ve only read hints, Suzy. On their Facebook page, Zoya said on 2/28: “…our Creative Director just gave us a sneak peek of the color assortment for summer! Please excuse us as we daydream the rest of the afternoon away with happy thoughts of sunshine, white sandy beaches and tropical drinks…”

      Also, they posted a photo on 2/24 that you can see here: . I think it slipped by most people, but I asked if the colors shown were new summer ones. Zoya answered politely that only one of them is. Wonder which one? I’m trying to read the cursive writing under each swatch. The one on the far left says “Zang Toi green,” and ZT did come out with a bright green at New York Fashion Week. It wasn’t offered for sale so maybe it will be in the summer collections!

      I’d guess that there will be a yellow or gold (“sunshine”) and a white for the “sandy beaches.”

      • Thanks Susan. I do remember reading that post from 2/28, but looking at the other post/photo, there’s not much to go on or able to see what the colors will be. I passed on the last promos, the St Patricks Day, and the one posted today with the Awaken collection, so hoping the summer collection will be next. I’m predicting they will be beautiful based on their sneak peak description from Zoya. I think your color predictions of a yellow or gold and a white might just be right as well. Oh, I finally put my Lux on last night, and that is some sparkle. I love it, I decided to apply a top coat this time, which I don’t with the other PixieDust’s because it seemed a little too rough. But, it is so beautiful, I might have to get Cosmo in the future.

  3. I’m loving the colours of these Orly Baked!! x

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