Baseball, apple pie, and… nail polish?

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You bet!  The OPI news just keeps coming.  I can hardly believe how many sets the company is coming out with this spring.  Introducing Fashion Plate, and that’s “plate” as in baseball.



The colors are:

  • Short – STOP! – Go for it! This rich red creme is a real catch
  • Love Athletes in Cleats – This shimmery red and a man in uniform: that’s romantic now
  • Orange You Going to the Game? – This bright and playful orange is the ticket to fun
  • Right Off The Bat – This frosty navy blue is a definite home run
  • 7th Inning Strrretch – Take this steely grey blue at the ballgame
  • Umpires Come Out at Night – Friday night at the game is perfect for this deep midnight blue
  • Girls Love Diamonds – Whether on the fingers or on the field, this pure white is totally engaging!

Not every major league baseball team has red, white, and/or blue in their team colors, but a lot of them do.  Plus OPI snuck that orange-red in there.

There will be a mini-set that includes six (not just four as usual) of the shades.  The only one not in the mini-set is Right Off the Bat.


Just discovered these are out NOW.  You can get them at my fave etailer, Beyond Polish.  Even if you’re not into baseball, you could sure have a patriotic 4th of July with these.  Or Canada Day.  Or Bastille Day.


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  1. Love sports and love polish — so I’ll definitely be picking up most, if not all of these!

    Did you see? Butter London has renamed the polish and put the collection back on their website. I think they might’ve renamed more than the one. Interesting.

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever commented before, but I had to pipe up to thank you for posting this, especially the Beyond Polish link! Baseball and nail polish are my two favorite things but I somehow missed hearing about this collection. Thanks to you, I’ve already ordered the whole set!

  3. Do you know the release date?!?

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