What can you do with sheer top coats?

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Yesterday I posted about a new set of four sheer top coats from OPI called Sheer Tints.  They come in violet, yellow, pink, and blue.

Some may think, “So what?,” and I was reminded that I already have some tinted top coats which I rarely use.  So I thought I’d trot them out today and show you what they look like.  You can put these over bare nails or any kind of polish.

Remember one of the new Magical PixieDusts from Zoya called Cosmo?  I reviewed the MPDs last month and really liked Cosmo.  Here’s what it looks like with no top coat.

Now let’s bring out three jellies from Zoya that were released as the Gloss Collection in 2012.


Here’s how they look over Cosmo.  Left to right on my nails:  Paloma, Frida, Katherine.

Cosmo w 3 sheer top coats

My middle finger nail (left-most) is not in very good shape, and I needed two coats of Katherine and just one of Paloma and Frida, but you get the idea.  I especially like Frida, the teal.  Katherine is muddier looking than I would prefer for a purple, which is why I want the new violet from OPI, and I’d also like a bright blue.  Don’t need another pink and don’t think I’d use a yellow.

Maybe you’d wear a manicure of one polish plain for a few days and then want a new look without doing a full mani.  Brush a tinted top coat on and voilà!


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  1. Excellent! I have both collections so I’ll have to try this. I hadn’t used the Zoya glosses because I tend to get uneven coats. This looks great though!

  2. That’s genius!

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  4. Hello again! The Layering Fool here again with another swatch request, if you have the time and inclination. If not, I do understand. =) If you have them, I’m curious what Zoya Faye, Tinsley, and Daul would look like under Katherine, Paloma, and Frida, in any combinations that might be fun. Frida over Tinsley or Faye wouldn’t seem so enticing, but Daul might look nice under all the Gloss shades? As always, thank you for the beautiful swatches you’ve already offered. =)


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