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I have several new things from OPI to mention today and one really has me excited.  Believe me, it takes more than “another pink creme” or “yet another hex glitter” to get me excited about nail polish these days.

Do you love wearing glitter polish but hate the thought of removing it?  I do, and in fact, sometimes DoR (Dread of Removal) keeps me from wearing glitter in the first place.  Just the thought of having to go at the glitter with hammers and chisels to get it off is discouraging.  Part of the reason that glitter is so hard to remove is that the larger pieces of it keep polish remover from reaching the polish underneath it.  What to do?

Some removers are better than others.  There’s the “foil method” which involves soaking cotton pads in remover, placing in on your nails, and then wrapping each nail separately in aluminum foil like little baking potatoes and waiting 10-15 minutes.  The warmth from your body helps the remover do its job, but what a pain.  Surely someone can come up with something better.

Introducing a new base coat from OPI called….. wait for it…. Glitter Off.

OPI glitter off

It’s a milky base coat that dries clear.  You apply your glitter polish on top of it and then when it’s time to remove it, it all peels off.  Theoretically.  It’s similar to a base coat that some people use now made from Elmer’s white glue and water.  I haven’t tried that because it seems messy.

I don’t have Glitter Off yet but am so buying it when I find it.  There are already some reviews on line.  Here’s a YouTube review comparing it to the glue method: .  Here’s another review from Adventures in Acetone.  Looks like you need to avoid water with your nails for a while, but I’m still up for trying it.

And it’s convenient that OPI comes out with this base coat now because they also have a new set of polishes called Spotlight on Glitter.

OPI-Spotlight-On-Glitter display

opi-spotlight-on-glitter-collection bottles

As far as glitter sets go, there’s quite a variety here — some have hex, one has square, one has bar.  You can see swatches and read the review from one of my faves, Beauty Geeks.


I feel like I have enough glitter polishes unless something is really new or unusual, but one thing I don’t have enough of is sheer tinted top coats.  Look!


OPI-sheer-tints bottles

Sheer Tints is a set of four translucent top coats, or you could wear them on their own too.  Like food coloring, the look in the bottle is darker than what you get; look at the handle for true colors — violet, yellow, pink, and blue.  I’ve read that the consistency is more jelly-like than watery.

I have a few sheer jellies from Zoya that I like called Paloma (magenta), Katherine (purple), and Frida (teal) but I really want these Sheer Tints from OPI.  Katherine is kind of a grayed plum and I like the grape-violet look of Don’t Violet Me Down.  And I really want the blue.

Beyond Polish has these for sale but they’re going fast.  If you don’t know which color you want and would like to try them all, there’s a mini set.

OPI-sheer-tints mini

Between all these new polishes, the Brazil Collection, and the Muppets movie tie-in, OPI is having quite the fun, colorful spring!


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  1. The OPI Glitter Off looks interesting. I didn’t even know about the glue method for glitters. I watched the video, and read the post. I would probably pass on this, because as many times as I wash my hands,( I have a bit of a germ phobia), the polish would come off too easily for me. I would think. I would love to see what you think, if you are able to find one. Now, about those OPI Sheer Tints. I have seen the Zoya colors you mentioned, and was wondering about them. But, not sure how most people use them. I assume you can use them on their own, but since they are sheer, do you put them over other colors? Right now, I’m also wondering if Zoya will be coming out with some new summer colors. That would be fun.

    • Zoya comes out with seasonal collections every three months like clockwork. I’m looking forward to seeing what they’ll have for this summer.

      I’ve used Paloma, the sheer pink, over other colors. Here’s a post where you can see it over a sparkly black — not a huge difference but I liked it. Look at the next to last photo. I haven’t used the sheer teal Frida much because frankly I keep forgetting I own it! Katherine is a bit muddy-looking and I think I’d like OPI’s bright purple better.

      • Thanks for showing me what the Paloma looks on the black. Not so impressed, but I was curious. I love the Zoya toppers I own, Monet, Maria-Luisa, Mosheen, and Sparkle Top Coat. I try to figure out what color each one would look the best on. I own a variety of other brands of glitters I mainly use for toppers, and some of those Maybelline Polka Dots. Those are fun. I still haven’t tried my Lux yet. I have to get on that. I think since I should be moving on the first week of May, I probably will be missing the Earth Day promo, if they have one this year. I would be too afraid that if the shipping is delayed, they would arrive at my old address. Good Lord. So, hoping for some fun summer colors I can take my time on ordering, and be in my new place when they are delivered. Plus, I have a wish list, of course.

  2. You should definitely try the glue method, it’s not messy at all… though I’ve never heard of anyone using water with it, that’s weird. Glue seriously makes manicures so much easier.. but if you want a long lasting manicure, it’s probably not for you.

  3. That Other Jean

    Hmmm. I’m not much for honkin’ big glitter bits or pink, so that lets out most of them–but Rose of Light is very, very nice.

    I’d love to see swatches of the sheer tints over a light polish, too. Are they wearable on their own?

    As for the Glitter Off base coat, I’ll stick to acetone when I want to get the polish off, thanks. I don’t want glitter sliding off my nails when I wash my hands.

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  5. I bought Glitter Off at Ulta on Sunday afternoon, and had to try it right away. Figured I’d give it a best-possible opportunity to work well, so I used other OPI products — Strawberry Margarita polish with Let’s Do Anything We Want! glitter. After reading a few online reviews and as something of an obsessive hand-washer, I was trepidatious, but I’ve gotten very good wear so far, Two days (and counting) with only one small chip on my left index finger.

  6. I read a review on this on Gnarly Nails site and she wrote about experiencing some major staining while using this with a darker green polish (it was one she hadn’t used before by the way). However, she did verify it’s claims about making glitter much easier to remove. So just beware if give it a go. Also, Essence used to do a similar base coat but I’m not sure if it’s still available.

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