New from Essie — the 2014 wedding collection

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It’s a yearly tradition — the four-piece wedding collection from Essie.  This year it’s called She Said Yes!.

Essie 2014 wedding banner

As usual there are some soft pastels, but this year there’s also a pretty white with a silver shimmer.

She Said Yes!

Essie 2014 wedding she said yes

Meet the Parents

Essie 2014 wedding meet the parents.jpg

Love Every Minute

Essie 2014 wedding Love Every Minute

Got Engaged

Essie 2014 wedding got engaged

Nothing earth-shakingly new here, but they’re pretty, and if you’re in the mood for pastels or some cute gifts, well, there ya go.  There will be a mini cube of all four polishes as well.

Essie 2014 wedding

The Essie She Said Yes! Collection is available for preorder at Beyond Polish.  Prices are less than SRP, $5.95 for each full-sized bottle and $8.50 for the mini cube.


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